4 Carpentry Tips Every Beginner Should Know

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Leah shares a few shop tips for beginner DIY-ers, beginner carpenters, and woodworkers. They are:

1. How to Protect Your Workshop from Spontaneous Combustion
2. The Difference Between Plumb, Level and Square
3. How to Cut a Straight Line with a Hand Saw
4. Tools that are Two-fers

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Becky B says:

I have a rag under my kitchen sink that I keep there so I can keep using the same rag every time I apply the butcher block oil to my wood ("food grade oil and waxes"). Are you saying that can catch fire under my sink?

Brian pyroCat says:

Great tips! thanks

Linda Roy says:

Hi Leah. So glad I came across your channel. You have great tips and explain clearly " how to. " I really appreciate that. You have a new subscriber! 👍🏻😃

thorlo6 says:

Leah, I've been woodworking for 40+ years. I still get amazed at your videos. I learn something no matter what the subject. Sometimes what I learn is something I desperately need, patience. Because of your encouragement and gentle voice, I listen more intently, and am able to learn. Thank you for helping an old man learn.

Paul Weissich says:

You have good taste when it comes to snacks!

Stan Webb says:

I you are nailing or screwing a board or picture frame, door closer to a wall or door and it has to be level and you run out of hands to hold the small level in place you can use a rubber band (2,3,4) or a trash bag twist ties to the wood or door closer etc…..

E Chew says:

Ur a damn good teacher

Karlanne Velasquez says:

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge…it helps me a lot….God Bless..!!

Christopher Frattarola says:

Leah, your channel is a delight. I've been in construction for about 15 years (mostly tile) and I'm not ashamed to admit that you've taught me two new things in this video alone. That safety tip about safe storage of used oily rags is no joke – my brother started a fire that almost completely destroyed my dad's house last year by leaving oil stain soaked rags on the workbench (no people or animals hurt). The fire marshal said it happens all the time. Anyway, keep up the good work!

usernamemykel says:

I'm a long time subscriber of yours who wants to get into wood carving. Many instructors have you starting off with a "blank", which is cut out with a band saw. Many folks, such as I, don't have the room/location for a band saw. What saw would you recommend to cut 3" wide Basswood into "blanks" for woodcarving. I'd need to be able to cut some curves, but not very tight ones, as one would be able to do with a scroll saw.

Many thanks!

James cooper says:

The saw twofer, used one so so many times. Never knew the handle was a 45/90 degree angle.. thank you for the tip. Again you Da Bomb. 👍🏻

Jesse Delaney says:

Even though I am far from being a beginner, I have to say, your videos are among the best. You are a natural teacher and I DO learn something every time I watch your videos. Very well done.

Raykenn1 says:

I learned something new from practically every one of your videos, great job !

Anthony Kavanagh says:

Just bought a new house – this is now my favourite channel! Thank you for all these tips 🙂

Arne Johansson says:

I love your videos. Thank you.

Rich Kreski says:

Good stuff. Story poles are such an obvious time saving technique that I usually forget about simply because I'm carrying my tape measure on me all the time. But if you're using the same measurement all day, the 10 seconds it takes to get out your tape really start to add up.

Karen Vincent says:

Leah I LOVE watching your videos, so informative and you explain things so well. I'm starting out with home DIYing and am working my way through ALL your videos 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge!

Elina Welch says:

You are amazing!!!!

Mark Nelson says:

Leah your knowledge is off the charts. I've learned some many tips from watching your videos.. Thanks a lot

theKurbster2009 says:

Love your personality! Thanks for the tips! Many which not being a woodworker still come in handy. Thank you! Please don't ever stop.

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