5 Essential Router Bits – Woodworking For Beginners #34

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In this video tutorial, I show you how to use a router with 5 of the most popular router bits.
Purchasing a wood router is only the first step to routing, the next step is choosing bits and there are hundreds to choose from, in this video Colin lays out what are his most used router bits.

Router bits used:
– Roundover Bits
– Ogee Bits
– Flush Trim Bits
– Adjustable Rabbeting Bit
– Straight Bits
– Sprial Down Bits

Palm Router Design Base Jig: https://youtu.be/_PdtkqFz5X0
Mini Router Table for a Trim Router: https://youtu.be/HyUGlbj272Y
Making a Trim Router Edge Guide Jig (Palm Router Edge Guide):

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Marcus Sinclair says:

well thought out video learned a lot especially about carbide bits

patlaw53 says:

Colin, I'm curious why you used a rabbeting bit with a bearing in your router table since you can make the same cut with a straight bit and proper fence alignment. Should I be using a rabbeting bit in my router table? Thanks!

joe perez says:

You explain really well. thank you, very interesting!

Dexter Jones says:

Face reveal

ibrahim ibrahim says:

Good luck WWW

Kelly Williamson says:

Thanks. This helped me a lot.

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Very useful information and demo.😊Sir, thank you .

WoodRodent says:

Great video as always Colin. I have a suggestion for a follow-up video – cleaning and sharpening your router bits. I got the inspiration from looking a your bits in the video :). They look like mine.

LenTheKiwi says:

Excellent. Good tips for beginners like myself. Many thanks…

William Howard says:

i have one set of ten 1/4 shank bits for soft woods when i do oak ,maple or eaven poplar i will use mu router table and big motor and 1/2 shank only

roy Yung says:

Another great video Colin. As I mentioned before, your production values are some of the best i have seen on you tube. Lighting, audio, editing and content are great! Keep up the good work! Maybe you should offer a DVD collection of your videoes as gifts!


Very cool video Colin great information for those just starting out using routers thanks

EveryDad DIY says:

Very well explained and some great advice too , thanks

Carl Alm says:

That’s totally demystified router bits for me. Wonderful video Colin, thanks.

Ross Marsden says:

This is a bit nerdy and sorry. The so-called "spiral" router bit is actually a helical bit. A spiral has a varying radius, and a helix has a constant radius. That is in the definition of these shapes. I know, the manufacturers of these bits call them "spiral"! What would THEY know?
Archimedes is turning in his grave!
I love your videos, Colin. Great works, every one of them.
The first bit I bought was a 6 mm round-over bit, as you said. Same size as your 3/16", roughly.

Steve Lawson says:

Thanks for your videos Colin. Instruction like this is helpful in making me a better Woodworker. Keep em coming and I'll keep watching.

Percy Flores says:

Muy bien explicado, claro y preciso. Muchas gracias!

WB Fine Woodworking says:

Nice choices.

Ryan Brown says:

Great video! Just now learning about routers

swms26 says:

Can you use a regular 1/4" drill bit with router?

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