Newcomers Woodworking Bench – A Primary Device Undertaking

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Chad Stanton builds a bench for the newbie woodworker utilizing simply fundamental carpentry instruments. This bench is huge, stable, simple to construct and really inexpensive.

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vahpr says:

Very nice, love the fast assembly with cheap materials, the angled legs for stability, the dead man, the split top. I'd be concerned that the top would warp quickly due to the low quality of typical home center lumber. I wonder if this is less an issue with the thicker top on your way-cool dovetail version? Thanks and subscribed to the newsletter.

Manny Brillakis says:

Chad, your timing is great. I was planning to build my first bench and now I can't wait to get the plans and start. This in combination with your vise video is genius!

Darnley Bynoe says:

That second bench seems similar to a moravian workbench…

MrBowNaxe says:

Thanks for sharing those plans. I really like the portability of that bench.

Vincent Miceli says:

The legs are set at a 15 degree angle?

Terri Stroh says:

Half-lap dovetails?!? Damn Sam!

Brian Tafelmeyer says:

Excellent bench build. That is is the first time I have seen someone use a power hand planner that way. I would love to see a more in depth video using that method to flatten a top. Thanks in advance if you do.

The Wood Works NZ says:

another great youtube vid Chad! just might have to make that work bench

Tom Garner says:

I reviewed and subscribed to your newsletter, is there a way I get get the plans for this workbench? It looks like it will fill my need perfectly.

Mike Curtin says:

Oh all right, I signed up. Yeesh! 🙂 Thanks much for all you do. Good stuff.

Vincent Miceli says:

Putting my shop together now and have looked at a gazillion bench types and styles. This one seems to be the one for me. Great ideas such as the apron with the dog holes, make it ideal. Thanks in advance for the newsletter and free plans. I can't wait to get started making this workbench.

Chad Stanton says:

The NEWSLETTER is due out Feb 5th. Thank you everyone for signing up

Benjamin Tackett says:

Very nice as always! Did I hear some Zeppelin in there?

J. Gary says:

Hi Chad! Finally did a marathon viewing of all your videos l missed. I'm in love with both of your work benches and thank you for making the plans available to your subscribers of your newsletter. I'm sure none of us would want to miss out on the additional learning materials you will be providing! Thanks for helping us become better craftspersons. Julie

Andre Van Vuuren says:

well done ~! looking forward to your newsletter and projects in 2019 ~!

Jerry Sateriale says:

Hey Chad wowzer both benches are sweet and look easy enough to build but that second bench is a beauty . I think its my favorite bench . Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work .

Stoph Stoph says:

Chad, not trying to be a troll, but ‘acrost ‘ and ‘heighth ‘ are not actual words.

DeForrest Keeling says:

Wow that's a really nice bench. In still trying to figure out what type of bench that I want and this really helped. Thanks. Also signed up for the news letter.

John Fithian-Franks says:

Hi Chad, My main problem with both of those benches is that they are too big to even fit into my shed, they are however very well built. Great video and I look forward to the newsletter

Jim Welton says:

I’m looking forward to the newsletter

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