Straightforward DIY Floating Cabinets | Woodworking for Newcomers

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This simple DIY floating shelf mission is a good woodworking mission for newcomers. study extra aboutSimpliSafe right here: made

This simple DIY floating shelf mission is a good woodworking mission for newcomers. It’s a easy bookcase mission that may be made with only a few energy instruments and a few 2x6s.

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T Wozniak says:

Nice shelves! Unfortunately, I think I can buy shelves for less $ than those three power tools.

perros y mas PERROS says:

godd chanel gretings from agentina.,.,new suscriber

Bufaritza says:

I have a problem with all these "beginner projects". All of you have tons of power tools. I have a hammer, screwdrivers, stuff like that. I don't know how people think "beginners" are going to fork out hundreds of dollars for these tools in the 1st place. You are really not a beginner at that point if you have all these tools…

takeyo1983 says:

Dude you have so much follower from europe and all over the worl, why can't you post the sizes also in the metric system?

Pineapple - interior design says:

Nice creation, like your video! 🍍

Alejandro Andretti says:

Maker brand ruined my shelf is bad stuff

Daria James says:

Are these treated 2 x 6 cedar? In my Canadian Home Depot, there is mostly treated cedar for decks.

Mark Miller says:


Nathaniel Zaharia says:

Man, I freaking love your channel. So many cool projects… Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Mike Myers says:

Somebody needs to make a video about woodworking terminology, because those are not floating shelves.

T0m53n J0hn53n says:

Can anybody tell me how 4×4 are? Are they just 4 inches x 4 inches or what

Ilya Luv says:

Why haven't you used dowels instead of making extra through holes?

dream merchant says:

good one..congrats,,…

David Genovese says:

YoU UsEd a SpeEd SqUaRe

Bakthavathsal Kadambi says:

Your channel always features projects doable by any DIY. Thanks for this crisp video and a great project, every home needs

Raynola Dominguez says:

Very nice, I like a little imperfection, but then again perfect, hmmm. I liked the clean look of this design, no legs or center vertical separation pieces, but then again, I am a minimalist at heart.

Fred McIntyre says:

Nice work Ben! 👍🏻👊🏻

Penultimate Hortator says:

put doors on the front and it's a cabinet.

Christofix - DIY Projects says:

Beautiful and simple to make! Thanks to your video, many people who otherwise don't have the courage because they think building a shelf is difficult will still have the courage to build one themselves Thanks for sharing!

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