Scrap Wood Trivets // Easy DIY Project // Beginner Woodworking // Wood and Metal

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salmonline says:

gonna do this with some oak.
I think drilling the holes before sawing them into the individual slats?

Miquelino Loreto says:


Tomek K says:

Merry Me 🙂

Kevin Bray says:

Super cool project!

Grandpa's Gaming says:

Great video.. liked and subscribed!!! Looking forward to making these. Sigh… so many projects… so few me! Lol

Cyber Profiler says:

There you go with the brass again (it's a good thing) I really liked your circular table legs with the brass. This should be your signature now. On most projects find a way to add some brass into it lol.

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Nice trivets Tamar! They came out very nice' Thanks for sharing.😎👍JP

Two Tops Turning says:

Very nice, brass seems to go with everything lol except doors, brass hardware is tacky haha. My one concern would be how well the lacquer holds up under the heat.

Danga punk says:

Very good!!!

Aaron Cashion says:

Such a great little project for scraps. I think I will make one or two 😀

Inspire Woodcraft says:

So good! And engraving the handwriting was BRILLIANT!

Patrick Sheffield says:

I might try this over the weekend. They can go with the hot pot holder that I made last week.

Richard Wiles says:

Why can't Americans pronounce 'chamfer' properly, like wot we Brits do? Lol.

Brian Prusa says:

Great use of scrap. Lovely design.

Bakthavathsal Kadambi says:

Yet another brilliant project. Thanks for sharing. Kids helping out for this project is really cute/ God Bless.

Kyle Veatch says:

Who else is afraid to ask what a trivet is?

Hog Man says:

VERY NICE build Tamar, simple and easy!!! I may hafta try making a couple. Thanks for sharing. 👍👍

Fishing with Cristina says:

that beautiful I love it Thank you for sharing

Atticus Draco says:

I'm so uncultured, I googled 'trivet' prior to watching vid
From the uncouth place I'm from, we call 'em 'pan holders'
If I woulda called it a trivet, my momma would have smacked me, threaten my dirty mouth with soap
Good show

anonymous says:

I will buy one or two, if this are for sale 🙂

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