SketchUp Woodworking Tutorial for Novices Half 2 – Copies, Group, and Curves

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On this video, we’ll discuss learn how to create curves, manage your mannequin with teams and elements, and create copies with the transfer instrument!
♦PART 1♦

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MadMonk67 says:

Fantastic video. I've learned more in 24 minutes that I have stumbling through it on my own over the past two days. Thank you!

Samuel Deter says:

Know the basics for the most part with the regular shapes. (Didn't say I was any good at them, but I at least understand them.) However, I'm working on modeling a project I'd like to do that involves wingnuts, acorn nuts and other specialty type hardware. What's the best way to model these? Do you have a video going over something similar?

karistem ferrari says:

great video

Jesse Dillon says:

very very helpful!

Zbr Amd says:

This video was epic in terms of instruction, not too less not too much details, very balanced, but one thing i was hoping was what happens when you wanna remove a component and then put them
back as a component

Kelechi a says:

is the playlist in order of easiest to hardest?

Joe Kotlar says:

Very helpful info in this video. Thanks!

Danhoven says:

Great videos. Thanks for making them available. I'm brand new to this type of software and never used any type of cad program, but I must say I can't believe one would have to turn on Outliner. It just seems like such a must have option it would be default. It's like trying to use Photoshop without a layers palette.

fgriffintx Smith says:

ps – you spelled "Patreon" instead of Patron on your donation page. The only blemish on a professional image 🙂

fgriffintx Smith says:

Outstanding! This whole concept of groups and components was confusing to me, but you have cleared up a great deal! Don't worry about going too fast – a person can re-run the video multiple times; far better than plodding along! One stumbling block I have had is how to move two objects together so that their faces end up coplanar. I am sure there is a simple trick, but haven't hit on it yet.

Robert Avery says:

Never mind … got it. See it further down the video. Thanks.

Robert Avery says:

So what’s the diet ace between making groups or components… isn’t that doing the same thing ?

15k Studios says:

Thank you for this!

Jf Pichette says:

How to devide on a pc window keyboard?

David Wiseley says:

Well done for what you did. I was hoping to see more complex joinery, inset backs, dado shelves, and the construction joints found on better cabinetry. But you always do a good job of giving clear instructions and as I said, you did a great job , but not what I was looking for. Thanks

Hugo B says:

Not sure if any one asked this before, but i don't have under WINDOW a choice name DEFAULT TRAY… is that because i a running the free version of SketchUp?

Soren Greene says:

Thank you so much! My dad has been trying to get me into woodworking with this program and you have honestly made it easy. I appreciate you putting the effort and time into these videos and explaining everything at a very understandable pace. Keep up the great work my friend.

Loweded Wookie says:

Man, I’ve learned so much from your vids. I’m slowly building up my woodworking workshop and I hope to be able to design and make my own stuff. My current SketchUp project is to make a plan of a baby change table I have already made and maybe even sell the plan one day. As I’m still only learning then I’ll be visiting this site more often and if I feel I’m good enough then I’ll buy Pro and sell my stuff. Thanks mate.

Yudi S says:

Thanks again Justin. I can easily understand every details on your instruction. Now I'm gradually improved my skill, from zero. I just start learning sketchup since 3 days ago 🙂 :). Greetings from Malang, Indonesia 🙂 🙂 🙂

Trevor G says:

Your not a very teacher you skip a lot parts you can’t copy and move and change all unless you right and edit components you never say that Plus your just clicking on shit and so what your click on bad tutorial

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