Woodworking for Rookies 04 – Finger (Field) joints

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Beginning a field. The right way to make finger joints, and the best way to lay out field components for grain matching.

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Melinda Johnson says:

Just the videos I've been looking for to learn hand cut joinery.

The Wood Yogi says:

This series of videos will become a fantastic resource for beginners in the future Mitch 🙂 Great job ॐ

Robert Amsbury says:

Nice vid Mitch. I'm not sure if I've seen anyone else show these by hand – it's all sleds on table saws. Not sure why in hindsight as it's obviously so, but I was struck by how similar the method is to through dovetails.

Günter Schöne says:

Nice video, Mitch.
The finger joints look fabulous.
By the pencil, I have a 0.5mm print refill pencil.
Either I take the pencil or my marking knife.

The two boards where you made the finger prongs.
You can take that as a book support. 🙂
Did you do the shoji yourself??? 😀 😀
I'm thinking of making a lamp out of Shoji. But may I tinker devices suitable for planing yet.

Bill Davis says:

Thumzup #18

Alex Rodriguez says:

Wait a minute! How did you manage to get the second cut board to stick to first when you pulled them apart? Check about 1:50… nice

Tracy Keaton says:

Very good video! Very informative and quick to the point. Thank you very much for sharing.

Dekeros - Recreational Woodworking says:

Great work Mitch! Really informative and many good tips. Easy to follow. Thanks for making and sharing! (ps nice t-shirt! 😉

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