6 frequent belongings you is perhaps doing fallacious along with your desk noticed

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Keep away from these frequent tablesaw errors to get higher, safer cuts.
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Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals says:

Since I'm getting a lot of comments about it, I stopped the Microjig ads about a year ago: it was my choice, not theirs. They are awesome and maybe someday we will work together again! But for now, sponsorships erode YouTube channels.

asif changazi says:

Very usefull tips, thanks steve.

Ladies Man85 says:

Nice video Steve !!

Made 2 Hack says:

I've been using a table saw wrong all these years, and by using it wrong I mean I don't have one!

Chris Sheaffer says:

Great vid Steve..I agree ,too bad microjig isn't a sponser anymore. I use my grr-ripper just about every time I use my table saw and router table.

elvishfiend says:

Hey Steve, just about tightening the arbor nut – my table saw motor is self-braking, and one time that was enough to break the saw blade and arbor nut free, and the blade just kept spinning freely on the arbor for about a minute. Let me tell you how surprised I was!

Ahmed Alburayk says:

I waited for this video, thank you very much..

LordPadriac says:

I stopped watching when he suggested that deliberately standing in the way of potential kickback flung boards was a better idea than learning to push wood through from the side correctly so as not to push against the blade. Never stand where he suggested in the video; it's just asking for trouble.

LayzieDave says:

I have a micro jig. Makes life so much better than trying to chopstick around especially with thin strips.

acrprmann says:

C’mon Steve! That gripper IS NOT the only way to safely run lumber. Aside from the bullshit set-up time it is not even the best method. I respect you and your channel but let’s agree to ease up on the marketing wank.

Thomas Gustafson says:

Great tips Steve! Thanks!

Thomas Baldwin says:

As always thank you for your time and help for all of us. Your video are always helpful and you are always great. Please keep sharing with all of us. Again thank you.

mikey be says:

How is Steve aging in reverse?

Brian Bishop says:

I haven’t seen a Steve video in a while because of… life. I glad that when I sat down to relax, you were at the top of my feed.
Thanks for the tips and the relaxing video.

Jair Sosa says:

Hi Steve when are you going to make more project videos again I mis those

Spag The Maker says:

You know an ad campaign is effective when it becomes a non-mocking meme. Just remember to always clean your MICRO JIG! Work safer. Work smarter.

CementRoots says:

I must have posted on ten different videos about the proper push stick that can push forward, down and toward the fence…. as for the micro jig first it can be made for a few dollars instead of paying $80… and if you own a table saw its as basic as a project can be to build and isnt that the point in having the saw in the first place??…. second I dont think the "micro jig" style push stick does all three of those pushing needs very well… the pusher plans you are giving away is a MUCH better tool to do all three jobs… BUT it needs a gripping surface, I just cut up a mouse pad and glue it to the bottom and it works awesome……
also an easier way to tighten and loosen a table saw blade is to use one wrench on the nut, then rest is on the opening of the throat of the saw…. then grab the blade with a rag and pull or push the blade until tight or loose… once you try this way you will never go back to two wrenches…

Yawles says:

Very nicely done!

Dan The Maker Man says:

Your cross cut sled is one of the best jigs I have ever made it comes in so handy.

mnm1067 says:

I have a BTS-21 which has a built in sliding meter table. Is there a good way to make a crosscut sled to give better accuracy in this situation??

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