67 – Definitive Guide to GLUE for Woodworkers Woodworking 101 lesson 3

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67 – Definitive Guide to GLUE for Woodworkers Woodworking 101 lesson 3

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Do you ever ask yourself these questions?…….
What kind of glue is best for what application? And Why?
What are the differences between PVA & Polyurethane glue?
When do you need epoxy? Is epoxy stronger?
What is C/A Glue? When do I use C/A glue?
How about hide glue? Why isn’t that used much anymore?
How much glue should I put? Do I glue both sides?
How long should I leave boards clamped up?
Why does James at King’s Fine Woodworking use so much glue?
What is the difference between Titebond- 1,2, & 3?
If you have questions, we have answers. As an organic chemist and a woodworker with over 30 years of experience, I can help you navigate your way through the various glue choices.

Glues discussed
Titebond I Original (PVA Glue) http://amzn.to/2j0Ydu5
Titebond II (PVA Glue) http://amzn.to/2ipmz17
Titebond III (PVA Glue) http://amzn.to/2z8cyzD
Hide Glue http://amzn.to/2ipPEtf
Titebond C/A instant glue Thin https://amzn.to/2MtiA4M
Titebond C/A instant glue Medium https://amzn.to/2nTXX2N
Titebond C/A instant glue Thick https://amzn.to/2MsB6dp
Titebond C/A instant glue Gel https://amzn.to/2MEbREl
Titebond C/A instant glue Activator https://amzn.to/2o1sFHD
C/A glue Debonder https://amzn.to/2w0LdvQ
Gorilla Polyurethane Glue https://amzn.to/2vZm196
Total Boat Epoxy Slow quart size kit https://amzn.to/2w2mzLb
Total Boat Epoxy Fast quart size kit https://amzn.to/2nV2OAQ
Nitrile Gloves medium https://amzn.to/2Moj0cs
Nitrile Gloves large https://amzn.to/2Lfl8ho
Nitrile Gloves XL https://amzn.to/2N64Gla
Silicone Glue Brushes https://amzn.to/2nTYrGg

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zola tanaffa says:

Beautiful lesson James.
I am of your own opinion on the use of the various hills.
As I use them (I am a hobbyist) my biggest problem is the durability in the bottles, the PVA in 1 kg pack (more or less 2lbs) lasts me more than a year!
so packs like the ones you showed CA and Epoxy for my uses would be wasted.
I managed to throw away half a bottle of 20 grams of CA!
The one you talked about the least is the polyurethane glue.
knowing that it reacts to the humidity of the air I think it has a short enough life once the vial has been opened (in the Po valley it is easy to have relative humidity above 60%) but, I understood correctly? Does the fully cured glue become a foam? if so, you should always use the clamps for gluing with this glue!
here I found a two-component polyurethane glue (like the epoxy but it is stated on the polyurethane packaging) very thick that you can work as filler grout as well as glue and it works well even if much more expensive than the other glues.
See you in the next videos

Kevin Overholt says:

Great video series and learn a lot from watching your videos. I am new to woodworking so any glues discussed would be great.

Jeff Medley says:

Great lesson, that trick with the straw, brillant. Please enter me for the CA glue, I have never used that product before, thanks.

Caleb Reed says:

I’d love to try the epoxy'

Thank you for these videos. As a novice, it’s incredibly helpful.

Zach Keller says:

I would like to try the Epoxy. Great video

Paul Buckel Jr says:

Judging by your previous videos, if you used hide glue, rabbits would be an endangered species, lol! I'd like to try the CA glue, thanks.

Cj Hawley says:

Loving your channel, thanks for sharing you knowledge. I did have a question on the tight bond PVA glue. I’m in Charleston SC and keep everything out in a shop that has no heat or A/C. My question is about glue being stored in high temps and in freezing temps. Does the high heat or freezing temp change the ability of the glue to do its job?

Todd Glidden says:

Hi James. I'd also like to try the Epoxy.

Mike Livermore says:

Hi James.. thanks for the video and the download! Was wondering if you have ever used Cascamite, which comes in a powder form and has to be mixed with water before use. Like a lot of things there are some health concerns (chemical composition) so whilst it is available in the UK it may not be in the US. Used correctly it is incredibly strong, has a long open time, is waterproof and is gap filling. Possible downside is it dries ‘rock’ hard and therefore cleanup can be a problem if you leave excess squeeze out to fully cure…

John Hancock says:

Tightbond PVA glue is great, good video thanks!

Lelo Kong says:

whats the difference between CA glue and loctite super glue. cause man i keep buying them loctite glue cause they are good. but they are expensive like $4 for 1/10 oz

Rick Cook says:

oops, interested in the epoxy

Todd Glidden says:

Love watching your videos James. I've learned a ton! Thanks

Rick Cook says:

Great presentation. Answered many questions I had. Keep up the good work and content. I've watched you use glue and it is good that Titebond gave you a 55 gallon drum lol.

Patrick Vaughan says:

I'd love to try out an epoxy!

Carbonite Gamorrean says:

I could really use epoxy for a bench I would love to build, but the wood has many cracks and checks.

Bill Kibby says:

Great information, James. Thanks for sharing with us! First love is woodturning and just recently have begun playing with resin casting. Would love to try the Total Boat.

Alfred Neumann says:

This were 44 minutes of very good information. Here in Germany the Titebond-Products are veeeery expensive. So i have to live with the cheaper sodal (and other) products. Many thanks. Cheerio from Germany.

Gerry GOLDER says:

Very informative. Great explanation, will look for source of Titebond in Australia.

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