Best Way To Use A Woodworking Router For Beginners!

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Best Way To Use A Woodworking Router For Beginners!

A total beginner guide on how to use a woodworking router the best way, which router to buy for specific purposes, woodworking router safety tips, and more!


Paul Sanabria says:

I just want to say …that's a nice piece of trim.. Thanks for the video. The kids in my group will be watching this soon. Will post it on Instagram when we do. Then I'll ask them what they want for the next educational tool video.

mike roten says:

ive owned or used pretty much every router made and in my opinion you cant beat that bosch 2 1/4 hp duel base. its the best mix of power and verasatility thanks for the vid great info

Scott Johnson says:

Thank you for the informative lesson, Vince! This is exactly what I needed.

Mary Jo Cerone says:

Good tips on using a router, they make a really nice edge!

Myles Mastersen says:

Routers are fun!! I never throw away scrap so I can test my bit depth etc. Also good for Dados and Rabbets.

Makita man says:

Vince my brother YouTube now HGTV next then you're heading to Hollywood. Peace

Eddie Smallhorn says:

I don’t think I ever used a router. Great info…..

HandyWyo says:

earlier this year i absent mindedly almost removed a finger. told my boss if i start typing a little slower, he would know that something went south between me and using a router

Jonathan M says:

Good video Vince. Direction is definitely important when routing!

chefpete1978 says:

I baught my routers at harbor freight. I will step my game up and buy something quality. Thanks for the info.

The Vloger says:

Thanks for the tips

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