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Dimensioning has lengthy been the curse of the woodworker, however with a Micro Fence Router Edge Information and Plunge Base Mixture accent, you may make the job much less painful. Learn the way you should use this product to take the guesswork out of routing dadoes and grooves and different woodworking methods that require you to be exact to the millimeter.

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Brent Nicol says:

Why so difficult. Firstly it is in inches and secondly you don't need a caculator when you work in metric and metric calipers. Zero the callipers on the thickness of the board and then measure the dado and that will give you the difference. It is like looking for a ink pen that will work upside down. Use a pencil.

foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild says:

This seems like a decent product for hobbyists working on only small scale projects but to my mind even a hobbyist might have occasion to build a bookcase or something larger where this jig would be useless. A router table or table saw set up with a sled would be more more appropriate

Aruga says:

Why not just use undersized plywood router bits—problem solved.

IT ALEX says:

Only three countries in the world use Imperial: The USA, and two very poor countries: Myanmar (Burma), and Liberia. Yet the USA uses something like … nine-millimeter bullet.

Carl Zorro says:

I just go at end of board and mark with a pencil height and width and set blade to 1/2 then to a 1/4  🙂 no need to buy a $50 dollar piece or more 🙂

greg says:

I'm glad that you used the metric setting on your caliper.
My buddy teases me all the time because I order plans in metric dimensions. And when I build a piece using his plans. They are in standard. But I find metric is easier and I get better results precision wise using metric.
So suck it steve!

playmuchortryntolose says:

What is the brand name of your router edge guide?

Mafr0 says:

What an imperial nightmare! I'm so glad Australia is metric

brumby rider says:

It is beyond my comprehension why united states is only one of three countries in the whole world that does not use metric. for a country that portrays itself as an ''adavanced'' nation you are still backward as far as it's measurements go. oh by the way you are in the company of, myanmar and liberia. stop whining about thickness of plywood , you expect 6.2 billion people to change just for 324 million . the world does not revolve around the disrespect intended but i like others are sick of the whining.

fffjkjk jkjkjk says:

what about if the dado is 40 inches away from the closest edge?

Test Flyer says:

For case work dados why isn't this guy just using any of the plywood sized bits specifically for off sized plywood dimensions?And he's using a Bosch router (looks like a MRC23) which comes with an edge guide that includes a threaded rod adjuster (I think if you call it a "micro-adjuster" the price quadruples), and it's even graduated. So why would anyone pay $350 for this gadgetry, when the Bosch guide costs $32 – and it includes dust collection. If you're new to this type of work, be warned – the amount of snake oil gadgetry, training-wheels products that are on the market that serve absolutely no other purpose than to enrichen the seller outnumber the solid products easily 20-1. Before you plunk down the coin on these gimmicks spend some time using the tool. In a fairly short amount of time, you'll have the skill that will allow you to laugh at these products…If you need a product like this, you should probably stick to stamp collecting.

dwoodog says:

Doesnt seem to useful if you have say a 6ft long piece and you need to cut a dado across the middle?

Billy Tsik says:

For the love o god people, use metric !

Harmsy says:

How difficult would it be to cut three smallish, parallel channels in a piece of stock under two inches in width using an edge guide like this?

Brian West says:

Show of hands of who wants to pay $219 for that micro fence he's using!!!

Haim Bilia says:

you just woke up my wife. audio leveling please…

Ali S says:

Thank you for showing how to use the guide tool and math.

Wills Kitchen says:

How are normal mere mortals supposed to be able to afford that thing?!

2025 says:


FStewartIII says:

Please excuse my ignorance, but when you get your first dado, and you want to make more along that same long piece, do you just put the guide in the dado you just cut?

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