Learn how to break down plywood. A information to reducing, shifting and hauling plywood by your self.

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One of the vital difficult woodworking duties is coping with plywood and different massive sheet items. They’re unwieldy and a problem to maneuver by your self and transport. On this video, I present you methods to make lugging it round and reducing it.
Instruments and plans on this video:
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Eric Matthews says:

Hey, I subscribed. Happy Thanksgiving. And you should make my sister be in at least one of your videos

systematic101 says:

home depot also sells those hook things for $10 in Canada.

AngeliqueKaga says:

It is a great looking truck, thanks for the explanation, and a guy has to do what a guy has to do!

phil greene says:

I've noticed lately, at big-name stores, the factory cuts r out of square. I chk all 4 corners, &with a pencil, draw a triangle on those that r good.

Conker Eye says:

That truck is mint

David White says:

Wow I'm a wwmm fan but not a Dodge fan….where is the Ford?

onemoredaytowait says:

Hi Steve, I would like to reach out, couple of months ago we have talked about sponsorship opportunities with Weldbond. I’ve emailed you several times, please let me know what email to better use to reach out. Thank you.

Crustyguildmaster says:

If you are freehand cutting, you should use a chalk line. Much essier to see your line when you cut plywood

JCarlos Quebrado says:

I like your videos.
They are very basic, but thorough, and I sometimes learn a little bit.
Good work.

bogey2230 says:

Sigh* The old truck is no more. Steven and my Grandfather had the same truck and color scheme although one year's difference. My Grandfather's truck and him are no more but I would always smile, pause and think of my Grandfather while watching one of Steve's videos.
Sucks getting old.

Keith DiSarno says:

0:52 You blurred out "The Home Depot" 😂

C Spann says:

Congrats on the new truck Steve! I bought mine a couple years ago just for hauling me and other stuff. I was pretty picky though. It could be any color but it HAS to have a manual transmission. They are so hard to find these days, I settled for a '97 Ranger. I love it! and I've had so much fun putting on new brakes, timing belt O2 sensors and patching rust. It's great for Wisconsin but probably wouldn't stand a chance in California

Frank Allison says:

wooooaaah where is dads truck?

tydog29 says:

Do you have something against saw horses? I'm not saying you're old but that's not good for the knees.

MonK3yzUnkL says:

Thanks so much for the truck explanation email. I had been wondering.

iliketakingshowers says:

Cool vid brah

Stanley Pearse says:

Funny. Since moving from Novato the two Home Depot's I use up here in Oregon are PRISTINE compared to the San Rafael store….NO JOKE…super helpful and FRIENDLY too…imagine that!

Joe Porter says:

Nice truck, Steve! Thanks for the great videos.

certified30 says:

just help yourself at that home depot, cut your lumber yourself at the saw station, if you don't know the code just punch obvious combinations like 4321 or 9876, more important just grab what you need cut it and go home, no need to pay for anything judging by how it looks.

ebh295 says:

Just read your truck update email. You've still got your memories, the truck went to good use, and your new truck is a RAM so that's a great choice. (I'm partial bcause, mine is too) Keep up the good work! Cheers

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