Find out how to Make a Round Noticed Information / Monitor Noticed Information

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Right now I’m constructing a brand new model of the round noticed jig for chopping plywood, MDF, melamine and different sheet items however this time I’m altering the fence place to make sure higher cuts firstly and nonetheless end the cuts with straight even edges each time and utilizing the Freud 40 tooth blade in my round noticed.
This round noticed information works as a monitor noticed, for nowhere near the worth of a shopping for a model title monitor noticed.

Round Noticed CrossCut Sled:
Round Noticed Jigs: Cross Minimize Jig & Ripping:
Utilizing Round Noticed Blades on a Desk Noticed:

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haroon sheikh says:

Hi…..i am very keen to join u there n learn from you… i have done lot of woodworking projects ….please do reply.

Michel Tobon says:

I added a small piece of wood at the bottom of mine, it helps me keep the ruler to square and helps me clampt everything in position, specially for larger cuts

livewiya says:

nice details with advancing the fence and reversing the boards

Marc Buteau says:

I've had these for years now. I use them all the time. I made an 8' and 5', both for my circular saw. I also made a 3' that fits my circular saw, and on the opposite side, I can fit my jigsaw.

ice- cold_ says:

nice. ive tried using a clamped level measure as a guide for some cross cuts with a circular saw.. but the saw wont glide across the board, does this mean my circular saw blade isnt doing a correct 90degree cut? would that mean my blade needs a changing or maybe some type of adjustment on the saw itself. idk

John Hamilton says:

Colin,all should remember that each saw needs its own guide ,as they don't all have same shoe size!

Martin Dorrance says:

Each jig is unique to a certain saw with a certain blade so I assume you had your setup for 20 years, too.

Carl Alm says:

Colin you always leave me more better educated after watching your videos. Thanks!

Kraig Klopp says:

Two things, first, I trim the factory edge off and then I cut a 2” strip from that edge. I place it slightly proud of the second cut edge to give me the proper width for my circular saw. Next, I take my jig saw and run a cut on the other side. This does two things, one, it gives me an area for clamping, and two, if I need to, I have an edge to run my jig saw. And I forgot to mention that I also run the circular saw along the guide to give me the proper width. Last, if you go to the Forrest blade website they explain why you should have your blade fully extended. Basically it’s like this, when it’s partially out the blade is coming at you, but fully extended the blade is coming down or up depending.

Tom Marliere says:

I wish I had someone like you in my family to spend time with 😌

dropn loads says:

Ive built a couple of these to work with my 36volt makita worm drive

Anna Frohling says:

I just made a new one because my old saw died. Wish I’d seen this video a week ago. That offset is a great idea. I will incorporate it on my next one. Thanks

mandie carlile says:

Good advise! Thanks from Oklahoma. Appreciate your videos.

Captn Jack says:

Just what I needed, going to make one today. Thanks.

Ex-Law Enforcement says:

Man, I can see How Dumb I am at My Age😵🤪, W0W❕ How many times over the years I needed to cut something real straight and Didn't Have a Clue How To Do It…..0ff to the Lumber Yard I G0👍🏼

Bill Camara says:

That gauge you use with the pencil to make the straight line down the length of the plywood, what is that called? Do you have a video to make that? I’d really like to make one of those myself. Thanks!

Ron Cooper says:

I made two many years ago, 8ft and 4ft. I have seen a modification where a router can be used on the other side of the fence. I wished I had thought of that! Best regards from very wet England.

Mark Harris says:

I'm confused! Which I admit is my normal state of mind. But if you are using the track, and the 23.5 inches is your measured cut, taking the width of the blade into account would know your measurements out. If the .5” was what you want to keep then you’d need to take the width of the blade into account as the width is then cutting into your keeper side.

Russel Brooks says:

Is it reasonable to rely on a 'factory edge' to be really straight?

Bill Procter says:

Didn't understand why you compensated for the blade. Really enjoyed the video.

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