How To Make A Straight Line Round Noticed Information For Woodworking

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Sponsored by Lowe’s. The right way to make a straight edge information for woodworking along with your round noticed. A will need to have jig/information for anybody beginning off in woodworking who cant afford a desk noticed or monitor noticed.

“Dwell-Edge Desk Construct Video”
coming quickly



~~ 1/four” 2FT x 4FT PLYWOOD ~~







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Videography and Enhancing: Marlon J Torres

DISCLAIMER: Woodworking and the usage of energy and hand instruments might be extraordinarily harmful. You might be chargeable for understanding the protected use of your instruments and methods. Your security is YOUR duty, I settle for NO duty or legal responsibility for any accidents, accidents, loss of life occurring to you or others if you happen to try and do the issues that I do or use recommendation that I give.


pacqard says:

very good tips, and your dog is great !!!!

John Bell says:

Recently I built a circular saw guide (similar to your build) but you really helped me see its full potential! Thanks for another excellent video!

James Bigham says:

I am new to your channel I can tell I will learn a lot thank you for showing other ways to use a circular saw that I wasn't aware of

Paul Barritt says:

I was debating spending out on a small, probably underpowered table saw but this video has probably just saved me £70-80.

Fernand Hoffmann says:

Good funny video
I imagine somebody with a big bone behind the camera every time when Utz looks in it

Good dog

Cheers and thanks from old europe
And small Luxembourg 🇱🇺

jimgam730 says:

Good tips. Thanks for sharing this

Joe Turner says:

Awesome video, perfectly explained! I'm off to cut some dados now!!

Southern Custom Cuts says:

Are you feeling any power difference between the battery powered and corded circular saw?

What are the specs on the upgraded blade?

Robert Brunston says:

Very good! I can use a 2 ft. a 4 ft. and a 8 ft. Thank you.

M M says:

Festool may send out their hit squad on you! Stay safe. 👍🏽

Thomas Tommy says:

Awesome cool video. Chris, Where I live. I see people selling Craftsman tools at flea markets. They have a lot of new tools. Where do they buy them from? Do you know? Thank for sharing your videos. I always look forward to them.

craig e says:

This is exactly what i needed! Just starting out and this gave me a lot of tips and confidence.

R L says:

Nice video! Not born with this knowledge, so we're glad to see!

Howard Hagadorn says:

I used this type of guide to build a set of kitchen cabinets but I made the mistake of making it from 3/4 inch particle board. It didn't need to be clamped down, but it sure was heavy to cart around. I also made it wide enough to use my router on the other side for rabbets and dados. The pain with that is you can only use it with on size bit. Give my buddy Utz a special hug from me!

Wim Drummen says:

Fantastic video! Nice job😀

Jerry Stark says:

Right you are. These straight-edge guides are a must for breaking down plywood when you don't have either a tablesaw or a few hundred bucks to buy a saw / saw guide combination. They also work well for cutting a straight edge on a board, if it is wide enough to clamp to the guide.

Another useful tool along the same lines is a short saw guide with a piece of wood glued beneath the guide at a right angle. Then you have a flawless right-angle cutting jig. Just hold it in place, or clamp it as required, and you get perfect crosscuts right on your cut mark everytime.

A coat or two of polyurethane, sanded lightly, and a final coat of paste wax where the saw rides (no wax on the bottom, though) will really keep the saw guides clean and working sharp.

For someone just getting started in woodworking, as you say, or for someone on a job site, these are essential circular saw accessories.


lionelhernandez34 says:

Great tips, I have always been impressed with what my dad as well as other folks can accomplish with a circular saw.

Nelson Delvalle says:

What blade did you use?

Quaddingsous says:

Excellent! Thanx for that tip! I sold my table saw awhile back because I wasn't using it and it was taking up space that I desperately needed. This little jig will work great!


Thanks for the build tip!

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