JessEm table saw stock guides. Dave Stanton easy woodworking.

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I used Mag 150 for this project. JessEm table saw stock guides using a magswitch jig by Dave Stanton help you steer sheet goods over a cabinet saw in a safe and accurate manner. how to.
Do you find that sheet goods or longer sections of lumber wander around a little bit as you struggle to see if they are hard up against the rip fence of your table saw? Are you concerned about kick back? Are you looking for a solution to assist with these issues?
Do you have a beisimeyer table saw fence and don’t want to fix anything to it permanently?
Watch my video and find out how I overcame these issues.
woodworking blade workshop tips
Jessem has not paid me to create this video. They sent samples of their table saw stock guides for me to review and keep if I so desired.

* Links to some of the items used in this video.

* Magswitch.

* Jessem clear cut stock guides for table saws.

* Jessem Clear cut stock guides for router tables.

* Kreg featherboard.

* Kreg mini T track 48 inch.

* Festool quick clamp.

* Magswitch universal track.

* Link below – affiliate disclosure – you will be supporting this channel at no extra cost to yourself.

* Mitreset.

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David Griffin says:

Great video Dave ….. keep them coming

Stephen Hurtz says:

Dave, I just completed adding the JessEm guides to my SS. Used your idea so I can remove the guides when I need to attach my router fence and I didn’t want to drill into my saw fence. Great idea and video. Thx from USA.

John Polen says:

Dave, what is the saw out feed, your other surfaces, etc. made of? Are they Formica, wood, or granite?

Nate D says:

great idea Dave! I'm going to copy your idea

bobbg says:

I like this idea, I might use if on my saw for board buddies.

John Barr says:

Dave, is a 5" (125mm) high fence too big for these? While my table saw fence is roughly the same as yours my router table has a bigger fence and I've seen woodworkers use these for both rather than the extra expense of buying the Jessem router specific guides. So if I extend the arms as far as possible would it fit?

xrayhead says:

Noooooooooo, I really like your videos as you talk people through. Don't become one of them special needs You tubers that have speak impediments…

Cheesegrater says:

Other than boobs, is there anything nicer than a silky smooth flat cast iron surface? … oh my god.

barbara kvistad says:

What saw blade do you use on your table saw for cutting melamine?
Thanks for another great video.

Stephen Wallbank says:

I love the evenness of the light in your workshop. No shadows. Better for tired old eyes. I think I need a Sherlock Holmes eyeglass.

Stephen Wallbank says:

Great video Dave. You make it look simple but I know how much fiddling about these projects take. The Jessem guides are a class act. I installed mine months ago and I admit they haven't had a huge amount of use, however I think as I start building my cabinets that will change. Great explanation of using Jessem clearcuts especially placement while cutting.

Jack Marashlian says:

I David
Great video, I ordered my JessEm for the router , If my trials are OK I shall think to get one for the Table Saw, speaking of which I have the H & Forbes `12" T/S…how do you hold the Poly Urethane sides on the mitre fence? could you let me know please
Jack from G C

zenminus zenminus says:

why were you "jiggling" the board when you had nearly finished the cut? was it to position the board closer to the fence?

I don't see these guides being very helpful on such a large sheet, they are useful on smaller rips.

Marcos Batistarb says:

its Very Very good , perfect real security , congratulações .

86rix says:

Thanks Dave great content

Steve Innes says:

Well done Dave of course, but I picked up a funny things on the video?  You especially created a well for your fence badge…but at 11.29 from there on your fence doesn't have a badge anymore?

Michael Fitzpatrick says:

Nice video, great detail. Curious what the material is that you have used for your bench tops.

Matthew Bennett says:

No talking – but I love your voice David! But on the flip side just watching work processes without voice is actually very relaxing for some reason. Timothy Wilmots does 'silent' woodworking videos very well, and they're very relaxing to watch.

Bicky's Restorations says:

Great video well done production.. I think i will pick me up some of those.

Matt Robin says:

Thanks for braving the cold temps to bring us this video.

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