Rip Lower Information / Workbench Construct Half 2

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That is the second video within the multi-function workbench sequence. On this video I’m going to put in the benchtop and make the reducing station.

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Paoson WoodWorking says:

If you'd like to help me, you can upload subtitles in your own language following this link:

barbara kvistad says:

Excellent design and craftsmanship! Thanks.

David Brimeux says:

Tres beau . Beau boulot

Cactus! workshop says:

vaya pepino 😀

branko milanovic says:

Your work is impresive! I have to ask, does God himself leads your hands when you can mark wholes with pencil, and then drill wholes dead center to those marks and screw that bosch guide dead square to the fence!? I mean if the wholes missaligned just a friction af a milimeter that can not be square.. so can you tell me a secret?

virax 891 says:

Suso eres muy bueno, 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏

herdianov z says:

Amazing 👍

The1kapable says:

You're an Artist!! :):)

raffles manriquez soto says:

Quedó de maravilla, felicitaciones, un magnífico trabajo.

J D says:

As if your craftsmanship didn't already instill me with inadequacy, at 17:18 I see you using a bandsaw and sander you made yourself. Ok, you win.

Dani says:


Branden Grant says:

The amount of money you've saved yourself by building your own machinery is amazing, but the amount of ease you've created for yourself by your ingenuity is brilliant. Well done.

angel1138thx says:

Gran trabajo y muy bien realizado eres muy metódico y trabajas con mucha limpieza y claridad mi enhorabuena, una cosa mas, y creo que hablo en nombre de muchos, sería de agradecer que hicieras algunos de tus vídeos en español, muchas gracias por compartirlos saludos desde Madrid.

Adriano Canazza says:

Sempre il migliore!

Ben M says:

Serious question. What benefit is this compared to your table saw? It seems like a lot of jigs for a system that a table saw can do.

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Great work on the rip cut guide Suso! Thank you for sharing the great video with us.👍😎JP

Toni T. says:

Esa mesa está muy bien, me estás haciendo coger envidia. Lo que más me gusta es verte trabajar, se nota que eres luthier. Saludos

Isaac Alfaro says:

That riping raíl is just insane. 👌👍

Roberto C. Peralta B. says:

muy bien jhoni sims

Airborne Ranger says:

Excellent job on the additional features of your bench!

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