SUSHI SERVING SET : Traditional WWMM woodworking kitchen mission

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I hope you take pleasure in this throwback video of my maple and padauk sushi serving set. I’ve re-edited this for 2018 with sooner pacing and with no sponsored spots. Free plans and chopping templates:

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“Princess Meow-Meow’s Theme” and all of the cool music on WWMM is created by Per Almered. —-AWESOME!


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James Frazee says:

Please talk on all of your videos…it is like I am watching a regular guy on YT without your great voice.

I Build It says:

Classic silent treatment 🙂
I don't like sushi, but I love this project!

BeeRich33 says:

Paint it purple

MrMouse says:

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I appreciate all your hard work and videos!

olderendirt says:

So that's what the wooden hammer from great grandpa was for! Cool! I have no desire to try sushi, but this was a beautiful learning project. I miss the talk, but once in awhile a change up can be good. Just remember, folks, to keep wooden items out of the dishwasher and away from harsh bleaches or your wood will be ruined. Hand wash in soap and water.

Harry M says:

what kind of finish did you use?

Chumchum says:

I've missed these project videos!!!! Welcome back Steve!!! ❤️

narret says:

Happy Thanksgiving… and it is first time to see someone making chopsticks lol

Cliff Carlo says:

I'm not a fan fan either lol
A survey a couple of years ago asked over 10 thousand Americans what Thanksgiving was all about. Just over half didn't have a scooby what it was all about. That's really sad.

Marc Eaton says:

I love suchi, Happy Thanksgiving.

Kayena says:

I feel like we've hit a bump in our relationship Steve…. like… you're not even talking to me anymore…

mikevalla says:

0:41 Steve is replaced with a T-1000.

Edit: and then again at 1:41

NaterVater says:

Not a bad video, but damn Steve! I come here to learn from you lol Explanation and stuff is what I look forward to.

Thanks for all you do though seriously.

Des Luna says:

This video has something soothing to it 🙂 And the set came out awesome, now I am hungry ^^

Tophie says:

How cold does raw turkey need to be before it's considered unsafe?

mixwell1983 says:

Is that turkey sashimi? Haha

Lebron Jordan says:

Beautiful 👍!

michael nestved says:

Can you incorporate more birds singing in future videos, I know your not a fan of them, but it’s a nice addition in my opinion.

Alex Stone897770175 says:

Is it safe to use lacquer on what will be directly exposed to food? I’m just guessing it is lacquer because you tend to prefer using lacquer spray can in your videos.

Hets Girl says:

I miss your old style of video

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