The Low Workbench 2.0 – A Mini Woodworking Bench with Lots of Features

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Here is my new mini workbench, a combination of the first version and the lately planing board I did. Now it includes almost all the features I need in one tool, surface planing, against planing stops, or between bench dogs, straight edge planing, which can be used for both Western and Japanese planes, and a vise.
It can be either clamped to an existing table or bench, or can work well too above friction pads, when not too much force is needed.

Tools used in this video plus others I use and recommend:

• Saws
Dozuki Saw EU:
Kataba Saw
Ryoba Saw
Kugihiki, Flush Cutting Saw

• Planes
Veritas Low Angle Smoothing Plane
Stanley Low Angle Block Plane
Kunz No.101 Mini Plane
Japanese Planes: 58 mm 65 mm

• Measuring
Combination Squares 150mm: and 300mm:
Kebiki Marking Gauge
Mini Try Square
Mitre Square

• Misc
Bessey Kliclamps
Drill Press Stand

• Sharpening
Atoma Diamond #400
Shapton Waterstones
Veritas Honing Guide Mk.II
Cheap Honing guide

Some of the product links above are affiliate. If you buy through these links it supports my channel and will be really appreciated. Thank you!

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Rick Monday says:

Very nice! (I call them feets also).

Leslie Clement says:

Another great video of a beautiful project. I love watching you work. I'm didn't realize you have an Etsy store. I'm going to go to check it out right now!

Wes viola says:

Your videos are so well made! I was wondering – where do you get your wood?

Douglas Lambert says:

bitch, that's a dope bench!

Jacob Kransteiner says:

Awesome video
Have to include some of the ideas of this video in my workbench

ToolsConsumables says:

Dear Sir,
A simple yet elegant workbench beautifully executed which I am sure will give the user a life long enjoyment. Kind regards.

Myrkskog says:

Fantastic work! Linseed oil with the beeswax?

Bill Kingman says:

Beautiful work as always!

Marcelo Cosi says:

Always a joy whatching you. Will you make a film teaching us how to sharpen planes and shisels?

Henry Wotton says:

Very nice work, thanks for sharing. Loved the bloopers too. Subscribed! 🙂

Dr Herbie says:

Very good. I like the way you added the side rail to make it work like a shooting-board as well.

Bernardo Patino says:

Super video I like to mucha proyect.

barry woodcock says:

Once again you have showed the way,Many thanks Adrian I have got to build one too atb.Baz

Melinda Johnson says:

WOW! Knowing you have such a small work space it amazes me what you produce. I can't wait for your shop tour.

Dimitriios Angourias says:

Excellent.But what about old bench witch move like crazy?

Robert Brunston says:

Very nice little bench! I bet it work good too! Thank you.

Marco Veneziano says:

Another good example of a less-is-more style. Well done, Adrian!

BF Florida says:

Beautiful work 👍👍👍

Fin Higgs says:

I would love a little mini bench like that! Awesome video

Patrick Coleman says:

Perfect for someone who makes boxes.

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