Ultimate DIY Bowl Carving Guide

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Ultimate DIY Bowl Carving Guide woodworking How To video shows step by step, in great detail, everything you need to know about wood, tools, and bowl carving techniques to create your own masterpiece. Related links:
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3. Carving A Maple Bowl – https://youtu.be/wmXhlNPguAE
4. Follow me on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chopwithchris/


Keith K says:

Good job Chris 👍🏼

Mattis Sloyd says:

thats frekkin brilliant mate

Jim Scheltens says:

Thanks for taking us all the way through the process.

Scott M says:

A Chop with Chris day is a good day Thanks for sharing!

Praise God says:

Where did you get the big gouge you used for the bowl?

HybridGirl3 says:

Curiosity is killing this cat. What is she going to do with it? Display it or serve food in it? It turned out fantastic!

Eye Toldyoosso says:

I was thinking 100 hours..Well done man..;-p

Henry Robinson says:

Awesome sir! Great example, instruction, tips and craftsmanship!

Plopp R says:

It's about time Chris! I told you on Reddit, I had subscribed and was expecting videos.

TheRedhawke says:

Awesome build. Where did you get your wrist bands ? How do you control your depth on the inside of the bowl ? The last one I tried to make I went to deep and came out the bottom, ruined a beautiful piece of Pecan.

John Fithian-Franks says:

I don't know why but when I look at your bowl I see a ship. A lot of hard work went into that and it shows.

scottsadventures says:

That is a very nice bowl. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing.

Fernan A.F. says:

Eres un máquina macho me encanta con la sencillez que trabajas

Jerry Puckett says:

Thanks for sharing
That’s absolutely awesome

amy-yaal Yehudai says:

truly priceles

Projeto Trebuchet says:

Only but respect Chris!

David Bennett says:

Nice bowl. I have some silver burch and sugar maple out back. I think I should make some bowls.

Endurance Woodcraft says:

Absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you for such a detailed video covering your strategy, tactics, and on-the-fly modifications. You don't know how much encouragement this provides to novices like me. And thank you for all your great YT & IG content.
Go Irish!

Nicholas Van Eyk says:

Made my evening seeing that you published a new video; so detailed. Thank you so much!!

Gary Brooks says:

You did a awesome job on that bowl, did you said that was black walnut?

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