Woodworking Ideas & Methods: Purchase a Lathe

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Woodworking Ideas & Methods: Lathe – George Vondriska gives recommendations on learn how to purchase the proper lathe to your woodworking wants. A WoodWorkers Guild of America authentic video.

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DCon says:

Thank you for the help!

The President of The Internet says:

Woodworking is my passion, I have just about every tool and machine there is- except for a lathe. Once I've made a rolling pin, salt shaker, baseball bat and a ton of chisel handles I dont need what do I do with it? Nothing I could make with a lathe would bring me any pleasure, its all gimmicky stuff. OK, bowls maybe would be useful, but I dont woodwork to make novelty Xmas gifts and I cant justify a lathe for 4 chair legs once in a blue moon. Tell me I am wrong. I'm tempted to buy one anyway just to try and prove myself wrong.

Love Peace and Bacon Grease says:

I'm looking for something to turn a 54-60 inch walking sticks. I don't want to break the bank either…what would you suggest??

Oscaro9928 says:

Which model was the Jet lathe?

Dechen Wangdi says:

How do I get one of this product? i am from Bhutan

AlWheelin says:

Thanks George, I am in the market and since I'm buying a lathe to turn small bowls, pens and maybe some wheels. I'll be going with the variable speed mini lathe to start out.

Richard Harris says:

You mention weight and bowl size a few times. I was wondering how you work out roughly how large you can turn, beyond physical swing limits? I guess I mean in terms of weight. As if you have a lathe where the headstock swing out, or another chuck on the outbound side, you can essentially go down to the floor in depth, but that would naturally be enourmous and likely very heavy depending on the material you were turning. Is there some sort of weight-to-horse-power equation ?

Nannette Battista says:

I made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you'd like do the same

Federico Favrin says:

Thanks, exactly what i was looking for

Sebastien Boucher says:

I'm thinking of buying this beautiful piece of machinery too. I'M a beginner too in wood turning , my question about the Rikon 70/100 is ….can i make some cup and bowl or its not strong enough for that?

سامر المحمد says:

How do I get one of this product

lvi185 says:

whats the name of the lathes ?

pinbret says:

excellent well spoken presentation

WoodWorkers Guild Of America says:

You can look at woodworking specialty stores and also check out turning specialty retailers such as Craft Supply.

John Ripberger says:

Where can I find woodchisels for turning, good quality, but inexpensive

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