Woodworking Hack | How to make half-lap joints on the Miter saw

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Hey guys

It’s been a while since my last video, but now I’m back with a bunch of new content.
Make sure you stick around for lots of good tips, trick and lots of fun projects.
In this video, I’m gonna show you how to make half-lap joints on the sliding miter saw, hope you like it!


Borys Fomichev says:

I know you can get solutions for that on woodprix website.

Nathan Xaxson says:

Aha, interesting. I didn't think to check if my mitre saw has a depth stop.

Myles Mastersen says:

Simple and effective. My miter saw is not a slider so I wind up doing half laps with my table saw.

moray Cameron says:

Does this work with most mitre saws I have the evolution rage 3?

Andrew Collins says:

I've always wondered if this was possible. Very helpful. Thank you

QuestionMan says:

still got all your fingers? good Lord man… get them out of the cut area!

The Woodfellas says:

For cleaner cross cuts try a blade with more teeth, 60+, and don't forget to support the piece on the back to avoid tear outs 😉


What is the purpose for clamping a board on the fence?

Trusty Falcon says:

nice stuff, would suit a complete noob like me

Cymerian Designs says:

Thanks for the video. One thing I do as the final step when I'm "sneaking up" on a cut is to put the saw blade down with the blade not turning, then push the board against it to deflect the blade just a little bit. Then I put the blade back up and make the cut. It trims just a tiny bit of wood and makes a very tight fit.

Romelia Polly says:

Great to see that… I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks 🙂

Javid Patel says:

Really enjoyed that video well explained thank you I see your a fan of park side tools most of my tools are park side and I love them

DesandSam says:

Nice tip! I'll have to look at my mitre saw to see if it has that depth stop feature. Not right now, though, it's 11:30 at night in the UK !

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