10 MOST Superb Epoxy Resin and Wooden River Desk Designs ! DIY Woodworking Tasks and Plans

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Jesus Juarez says:

All the apoxy projects are soooooo awesome I wish I had the patients to make them

Papp Laszlo says:

@tammy withrow are you a vegan?Because with a vegan lifestyle you can help a lot of animals without money!!

The other white meat says:

WTF! Wheres the finished project?


What is that red tape they use and where can i get some ?

Lisa xy says:

Bin ein Fan dieser Arbeiten…


Hi there I am from K.S.A and i wont to say (Wow it's all awsome) but I really like the wold map. 😍😍😍😍keep up the good work😉

TheLesleegirl says:

I ❤️❤️❤️

Joe Blow says:

To bad resin is so expensive

Paul Moolman says:

pouring epoxy, that's it? show the end result ffs

Nigel Irons says:

I hope I don’t win the last table. Most of the other stuff looked awesome though.


6:20 Joakim Karud – Vibe With Me

Karin Häusler says:

cool…..sehr schöne Sachen bei….ich zähl aber keine 50, sondern grad mal etwas mehr als die hälfte……hab ich mich so total verzählt? grübel

die landkarte wär auch etwas fürs kinderzimmer 🙂

Denise Files says:

WoW!! So Creative I so many ways!! All your things are Beautiful Masterpieces!! Outstanding, So many mediums so little time!!😁🤗💕👍👏👏👏☮️😎

Tiffany maldonado says:

I really love your guys work with epoxy resin and i want to try using epoxy resin in a walkway im currently doing im just not sure if it would last long

Atomatonic Girl says:

I like wood… 👍

OneVeryOrdinaryMan says:

Looks likes bunch of ripped off videos. 🤨

Manny M says:

Going to try some of these techniques, would eventually want to be able to make those guitars and skate boards

Somewon Yuno says:

They seem pretty cool. It would have been nice to see with many of the finished products look like. There were too many where they started showing you how to do it but not what it look like at the end.

sr41790 says:

Great video, would love to learn how to do these projects, the board with the color change is one of the coolest ones on there

Dave Badge says:

table though

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