30 GENIUS Wood Products! Satisfying Wood Furnitures

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Thanks for watching 30 GENIUS Wood Products! Satisfying Wood Furniture.
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evsnyder says:

Who makes the coffee-turned dining table at ~4:56? I'm looking for something adjustable just like that!

Luis Hermidas says:

Cómo se nota la mano de artesanos con ingeniería europea ,

Luis Hermidas says:

Muy buenos diseños ,estéticos y alegres 👏

Matthew Sandoval says:

Yep Dat Waz

Ted Kim says:

сто раз эти шкафы ебаные показали

John De Jong says:

please change that repeating melody? the rest is perfect.

Wanda MyMannequinMayhem says:

Quite the magic show. Absolutely breathtaking designs. I enjoyed the show. Amazingly beautiful. Extraordinary work of art. Just exquisite. Wow!!! Thank you.😃😉😀

The Pagan says:

Some of these creations were fantastic, alas some of these designs were already in use in the 50's and 60's and merely updated. Nice projects though.

Yovani Salazar says:

Can I buy the wooden cube?!

Andrew Galloway says:

what on earth made you think .. ' yeah some RAVE music will go well with this' ??? had to stop watching

Little Angel says:

I can't get da reason y ppl give dislikes to such helpful, cleverly made vids

Ajit Kumar Dash says:

How can I purchase this product???

Swiper Fox says:

the first one, the wooden cube…
To open…: Hulk Smash!

AngryAngler says:


Raneem Osama says:

كل شي عجبني واااوو يا ريت عندي عشر بيوت مشان حط بكل بيت شكل

Glenn Burris says:

Amazing ideas and great fantastic wood craftsmanship top notch work. Wow

Abubakar Awan says:

Amazing video I will never seen in my life keep it up



Все Сюда says:

Vauuu super 👍🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🤘

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