Wonderful IDEA for WoodWorking | thought di lavorazione del legno

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Wooden working instruments

On this video i’am making a hammer for nails , this hammer is specifically made for wooden working as a result of on this hammer there’s a slot the place the nail may be positioned and immediately may be hammered in a wooden with out utilizing your different hand.
I hope you just like the video ensure that just like the video.


Alessandro Rotondo says:

Ma invece di perdere tempo con tutte queste invenzioni balorde, perché non ti fai un giro per le ferramenta così vedi un po' che cosa è stato già inventato. Con un semplice martello da carpentiere avresti fatto prima e speso di meno.

John Fleshman says:

So Im gonna have a stick welder but not a hammer?!!!

Giovanni Iacobacci says:

Q estupidez

Ed Ward says:

Oh my god seriously!!!!!?????? I want my 4 minutes 20 seconds back!!!!!!!

David Craft says:

He made a hammer. Save yourself the time. It's dumb.

Rigid Ironworks says:

Actual hammers that hold a nail like that have been around for years, there's one hanging from my tool belt.

Denise Viar says:

There was a hammer in the background. And I have a hammer that already does that. What DOES it have to do with wood working?!

Fabian Lepage says:

le dernier coup il étais a coté

Michael Abelaj says:

Why not just buy a hammer, and what the hell does this have to do with woodworking

John Bethune says:

Well,… that's 4:20 of my life that I'll never get back.

Владислав Волков says:

На молотке с гвоздодером такую врезку надо сделать… апгрейт молотка

Cisero Padim says:

Criatividade e tudo na vida

Fer Sánchez says:

Eso si es perder el tiempo.

Игорь Честнов says:

Какую то ерунду пять минут смотрел.

frank giuliano says:

That's a lot of work to make a magnetic hammer, that slips off the nail head. Isn't that's why when you buy a hammer, it's got grids so that doesn't happen ?

David Moreton says:

What ever works, to get er done.!

زكريا فرح says:

لم يعجبنى

Movirric Estrada says:

Que pendejadas son estas esas pura perderá de tiempo

אטררקגהיח חחלחע says:

Am in Wakanda and am desperately looking for a hammer here, no way you can find a hammer they are extinct!!! 😂😭⚒️🛠️🔨
am gonna make one like yours,

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