Awesome Circular Saw Hack || Woodworking Idea

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Hello Friends,
Today I Show You Awesome Useful Circular Saw Hack. It Is Very Useful In Woodworking. I Hope You Enjoy This Video.

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Gomaa Tolba says:

عنصر الامان مفقود

Arek Kosinski says:

I am surprised that some people still use "flat" "slotted" screws these days! 🙂


You tube should ban this video. Clearly safety issue and spread of dangerous information.

World B. Gilbert Gottfried says:

I'm reporting this video for spreading dangerous methods until you make a correction.

World B. Gilbert Gottfried says:

That's not how you safely cut wood. You're going to eventually get wood kickback and pieces flying towards your face. There's a reason a good table saw uses a sled for cross cuts.

You're going to hurt yourself.

And you're spreading dangerous methods to ignorant people on YouTube. Please correct this.

Wood Turning TV says:

I really liked the video! So many ideas!

Jamal Badhafari باظفاري says:

well done, just use another scrow, it will be perfict

Alex Garcia says:

compañero me puede esplicar como se ase una zapatera de madera porfavor

Spend Time, Save Money, DIY says:

I hate to be negative but this is awful, crude and dangerous! Might be fine for you with experience but for those who follow and copy you without experience will probably end up having a nasty accident! Commercial saws have safety guards for a reason!

eduardo gonzalez says:

Los tornillos deberían quedar enrasados con la mesa

AMbros Custom says:

Man if you encountered any kickback then you never use it like this with wood cutting blade. Avoid these kinds of ideas because someone could get injured with this idea.

Sandra Veiga says:


Ranjeet Sharma says:

Kya bakwaas hai..
Hme laga Kuch unique hoga..
Ye har mistri ka baccha janta h..

Aise krna

Poseidon says:

THINK SAFETY FIRST.! before other dumb copy unproper design & material and get injured / amputated

ollieone051 says:

This is how you cut your fingers off… if you don't have extensive tool experience do not attempt this. Just the vibration of the saw will loosen the c-clamp. If you don't check ithe clamp every 100 cuts or so your looking at a saw falling over stuck in the on position.

Rizzlomaniac says:

Not awesome at all. No new idea and not well done.

Dhanenjay Kumar says:

Once again a Great work

AK tech and tools says:

Bro make some giveaways

Javier Diaz says:



There is absolutely nothing new here. People have been doing this for decades at least.

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