Cool concept ! Don’t throw away any plywood residue !

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Сonversion system ! Examine it
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Jack Oshea says:

Pretty cool

FlatBrokeForge says:

Just another foreign dude looking for views. This sucked. I hate these hyped up DIY videos!!

حمزة حمزة says:

Cool work 👍

Tawfik BEN-GAMEIA says:

Very nice and useful 👍👏

Arcuri Sano says:

I prefer to build with wood prix plans.

Peter Duxbury says:

Pin holding it all together will rust… Won't it look pretty then?

George Boccanfuso says:

Why do you show sanding all of them? And the drilling?

John Wilhelm says:

ok that worked but you could not make it perfect with the way you drill the holes no marking no measuring. you final product would be unlevel and not space correctly but it could work with the slop in the sizing

stephan schloesser says:


Alec BUSCEMI says:

Such a bad video

86dunc says:

Don’t quit your day job! You obviously have too much time on your hands!

vincent7520 says:

What's in the pot ?

love is my religion says:

as soon as you picked up that drill I thought you're not very smart and also wondered what the hell is plywood residue? my brother builds houses and he often has scrap lumber laying around but never any lumber residue lol

woodworking skill with sagar says:

I am from india and I just started new channel please encourage me every one

Reuben James says:

Ill just buy one. A lot earlier.

nick sainsbury says:

Are people really that tight for space that they need a pan stand to be able to fold in half 🤣 a lot of work for something that won’t last very long. I was expecting a wind mobile to go over door or above baby’s crib. The intended purpose is stupid. De lamination, staining when it gets wet, scorching, could even get put in dishwasher or worse still microwave.

Marc Vega says:

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Hans de Groot says:

Interesting project. Thanks for sharing.

sedat kayalar says:

Very useful thanks

Gareth Sharp says:

I really like that – rainbow trivet 🙂

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