Girl Chopping Wood Dangerous Woodwork Intelligent Technology Log Splitter Skills Sawmill ChainSaw

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Girl Chopping Wood Dangerous Woodwork Intelligent Technology Log Splitter Skills Sawmill ChainSaw Timber Transportation

Girl Chopping Wood Dangerous Intelligent Technology Woodwork power-saw bench Unusual Woodcutter Skills Turbo ChainSaw Log Splitter CNC Sawmill Lumberjack Mega Machines Saw Hydraulic and Pneumatic felling wedge Timber Transportation cleaning the tree from the bark etc.

Compilation of a variety of devices and accessories for sawing wood. Cool ideas for household people. Automatic Wood Splitter, Log Splitter, Turbo ChainSaw, Sawmill, Drum chopper, Hydraulic turning machine for logs, lathe, CNC etc.
Videos from USA, Poland, Canada, Germany, Austria, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and many others.
What makes life easier – Intelligent Technology Mega Machines Unusual Woodwork Turbo ChainSaw Log Splitter Lathe CNC Sawmill Saw Equipment
Now I’ve Seen Everything Amazing Wood Products and WoodWorking Projects You MUST SEE


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kapaomegatau says:

Pretty stupid comparison. The girl is splitting some kind of medium hard logs like pine wood and the big guy is splitting birch logs which is a very soft wood like dried sponge.

13 13 says:

C'est quoi cette pute

W B says:

If I was the guy that was filming. Why she was chopping wood stead of chopping I be giving her some wood

Dinu Desculţ says:

Beautiful … You can see also this strong woman :

Erich kempka says:

Hahaha it looks like she dyed her crotch hair blue.

E.H. Lipton says:

Like the girl,, or at least the rear end part, she'll be the next one to file sexuall assault claims in 20+ years! Girls got bootie through!

عبدالرزاق ابوعليم says:


Kenneth Bartlett says:

Are those sandals OSHA approved 😉 .


Are you doing the cleaning and dishes?

arton power says:

Title should have been how to get million of views on youtube.

Robin Rowan says:

need a machine that,does not choke up

Rusty Shackleford says:

Looks like she’s got a big blue muff hanging out. Sorta like a 70’s Smurfette. .

nohabs15 says:

My job would be to stand right behind her behind to make sure her form doesn't waver. A very important job.

George Singh says:

She has a very nice wood chipper!

Az FOA says:

Get back in the kitchen and leave the real work to the men. Oh wait there is more to the video….?

richard alvarado says:

click bait. plain & simple.

Stan Jarrett says:

Good video to start with….I had some wood that needed whacked on….then they changed to that damned old man.

slickric41 says:

She looked like a whore.

STU377 says:

That's just bait to lure in a big strong wood chopper.

Larry Wimberley says:

this video started out great then… wtf!?

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