Wooden Planes Tips and How To Make Them

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Boo Boo says:

My idea of watching somebody plane wood is totally different than showing how to make them. Totaly misleading

Denny Denny says:

Beautiful art….

Oficina aprendiz de Marceneiro says:

Trabalho maravilhoso. Parabéns! Like

Kevin Kirk-hailey says:

I sat and watched til the end but saw no tips or how to make. Very misleading title

Airborne Ranger says:

Dittos on the title

prodj.mixape official says:

Why satisfying? Damn.

Harry M says:

damn vertical video syndrome 🙁


Saludos desde Honduras, tiene un vídeo de como hacer el cepillo?

Franks DIY says:

You make it look so easy lol .Love the wood planes

Fiscal FP says:

beautiful work, but how to make wooden planes?

gandhizehner says:

Totally misleading title

Ravi Thalari says:

Good skills,but let's use router to save time

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