Wow! Good concepts DIY

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Wow! Good concepts DIY
Associates, my title is Vanya! I’m the writer of the channel HandCraft.
On this channel I current every thing that I’ve completed with my very own fingers.
Restoration of fascinating outdated objects and rather more you may see on my channel !
We flip easy issues into distinctive ones! Subscribe, it is going to be fascinating! #restoration #Unbelievable #diy



Очень прикольно👍

Max Imagination says:

Really cool idea! I want one of these

Fifi Gazepis says:

So clever and simple

Lance Fernandes says:

Appreciative 😊

AFmedic6871 says:

Came across this by accident. Love that fact there is no annoying music and other than the drill, you used hand tools.
just goes to show a person does not need a bunch of expensive tools to create cool things.

Jimmy Crackcorn says:

I tried doing these projects his speed but I just couldn’t do it. I have no idea how he goes so fast.

Gatto Npc says:

Nice Description.. If this is a unique object then you didn't heard of CHINA.

Tim Last says:

I think it's cool to watch. By speeding up the video, it looks like you're going to chop off your fingers. LOL. I kept laughing over and over. Of course, the world is full of pussies and idiots who probably think you are setting a bad example. But if someone actually tries it with power tools . . . . they deserve to cut off their fingers. Keep the videos coming. I need the laughter. Btw, what kind of wood did you use? It's looks nice to work with.

Ed Parella says:

Very cool ideas.

Pete Moore says:

You can buy 4 of these in Poundshops, for £1.
Or on eBay, for 99p, with free delivery.


Nice….no music, no talking👍👍👍

Shane Knerr says:

Yo slick I'm not trying to bag on your work or nothing but I'm pretty sure that I'd be building something more worthwhile out of wood and my hands then these two cheesy videos I just got done watching the first one was pretty slick I'll give you that but like I said I'd much rather spend my time making other things like I did my own bedroom outfit out of cherry bed headboard dresser All Grain match drawer heads bedroom outfit for my daughter entertainment center for my living room and the list goes on and on but hey to each his own right keep doing what you're doing

Angel Aguilar says:

Exelente muy bueno

HandCraft says:

Friends, my name is Vanya! I am the author of the channel HandCraft.
On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands.

Restoration of interesting old objects and much more you can see on my channel

Creates DIY says:

Cool idea👍 I like

Кошмар Кошмар says:

Very good bro 👍👍👍

Bibhuti Hazarika says:

What happened to the previous video?

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