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This video shows the process of preparing the slab for finish.

Finish I used in the video:

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Music by Jason Lowe


Out of the Woods says:

If you have time please vote for my business, contest ends April 4

kevin fiala says:

i have been using waterlox too, just wondering after it was all finished if you liked the monocoat better?

Graham Allen says:

Just catching up on some of your videos Nathan. Wonderful table top,I love the grain and the finish is superb! Well done my friend.πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§Graham

Dale Turner says:

Lost art there! Looks great!

Aaron Fjordlander says:

πŸ‘πŸ» The walnut springs to life with that finish. Moving on to the conclusion video. I'm going to be a little sad when I'm all caught up on your videos. I'll be stuck waiting like everyone else.

Alex Foster says:

Out of the Woods, your project has turned out beautify! Thanks for introducing us to the Rubio products! I'm curious as to what colour of monocoat you used on the slab. Did you use the pure (clear) or the walnut colour? I'm part-way through a walnut table project, and am looking at using this product instead of the usual culprits. Cheers from Canada!

fouroaks logger says:

That was some amazing color in that wood. Am I crazy or was that Johnny Cash talking?

Martin Whitman says:

Outstanding…….I wish i would have knowing about that stuff three weeks ago when I made my island top………

Mars Rover says:

I was thinking about the router slip and I thought that if you were to drill out that section, you could just add a peg and flush cut. It would look like the locking screw I've seen on older firearms. Maybe use a different type of wood to make it a focal point. It could even become your signature. It turned out very nice.

Dan Dugan says:

BTW Nathan…Even the music accompanying your videos gets a thumbs up! But since it's coming from Tennessee, I guess I should expect that…just thought I'd mention it.

AlarianDarkwind says:

Got my shirt today, it looks great. Can't wait to wear it!

John Wilson says:

I have never seen finish put on like that, wow, looks easy,

John Wilson says:

I don't know what it is but I live seeing someone use hand tools in a video!

John Wilson says:

wow well done video this time, another great production, and nice table!

James Maxwell says:

love this video, well done again,

Richard Depew says:

wow that finish really did that slab justice!!

Richard Depew says:

another great video, well done!

Headly Lemar says:

that is one beautiful piece of wood, good job.

Jimmy Jordan says:

Great finish on a beautiful slab !

gordon gallant says:

great job man gordon gallant Prince Edward Island CANADA grand pa wood working

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