AnyTail. CNC Joinery

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One more experiment with CNC joinery.
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john stafford says:

Nice coding neat trick.

nick wiegand says:

Awesome work! I love it. I guess I need to try this…

brocktechnology says:

Looks like a fantastic way to put a young lady's name on a jewelry box.
Or for that matter, an old lady, or a drag queen, doesn't matter really.

Darran Edmundson says:

Awesome work. Anyone else catch this at the 5m32s mark, 😉

free electron says:

Now that's some snug fitting woodwork – nice job!

Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN says:

What did you use to clean the sand paper belt?

lwoodt1 says:

The wonders of cnc… well done ..

Justin S says:

Awesome. Wondered why no other shapes ever attempted. Trick will be to get furniture sized pieces in the CNC!

Terry Jones says:

Very nice. Do you happen to have the tap files that you'd like to share???

Cap'n Stab'n says:

Interesting and very cool. What type of bit are you using that gets that good of a result with little tear outs?



Craig Hollabaugh says:

Thing of beauty, thanks.

Jeff Searles says:

I just HAVE to try this. THANK YOU for the inspiration !!!!

Eye Toldyoosso says:

WoW man…;-p

Hey I'm a Maker says:

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Florin George says:

Wow, this idea is the next level! Kudos!

Чеза Чеза says:

Клас зделаете пажалуюста не балшую тумбучку

massivenoone says:

Would buy these. Open an online shop

David Hagler says:

Should make a card box, for a deck of cards that the joints are all four suits. It would be nice for it to be thin though, so I was thinking, maybe you could make the interior smaller, and then cut it out on a band saw to increase it's interior, and not interfere with the pretty joinery

Basil Stadnik says:

прикольные соединения , и клеить такое жалко

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