Fundamental Woodworking Joinery: Reduce a Half Dovetail Mortise

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Right here is a few fundamental woodworking joinery: reduce a half dovetail mortise. That is a kind of fundamental joinery abilities that individuals make a lot tougher than it must be. As a novice woodworker, maker or no matter you need to name it these dovetail mortise and tenon joints ought to be proper up your alley. You actually solely want a superb firmer chisel, forstner bit, a hardwood mallet and a handsaw. Easy joinery like this could actually add character to no matter initiatives you’re engaged on.

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Mark Chase says:

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Thomas Russell says:

So what is Jim Stew's prize for getting it first? Also, a guide block with the angle you're cutting can be clamped to the leg so you have a constant guide for the angle. Also, you could drill in at the angle with your forstner bit, the open down between the angled hole and the perpendicular hole would be fairly easy to remove.
"More than one way to skin a cat".
Great fit, nicely done.
For the wedge, if you plan on taking it apart in the future, you might consider a wedge similar to a wood bodied plane, the a Warrington hammer could tap under the rounded lip to loosen it without bruising the leg's interior and making the joint looser. Just some thoughts.

Chris Cox says:

Another good one Jim
Looking forward to seeing the videos on cabinetry

Thomas Bruno, Sr. says:

Looks good, Jim. Nice joinery I'll have to try it on a project. Thanks for the great explanation. God bless

James Harris says:

i enjoyed these two jim told you it wouldnt be me who found it finished unit looks good on instagram that walnut looks great a bit of boiled linseed oil will make the grain pop

Great Plains Craftsman says:

Morning Jim, looks nice.

Willow Run Mills says:

Um I think it’s sliding T bevel… lol

James Culp says:

I'd like to see if you could make a dovetail with the chain mortiser. Because it pivots in the hole, I'm thinking it should work.

Jeffory Newkirk says:

Yup another stellar job.

tubularguynine says:

Very well done! A real no-brainer joint…easy and it does the job. You make it look simpler than it is.

fha gerber says:

Hi j nice video

T wagner says:

Do you have any ideas on how to get rid of ground hogs? I got one that dug under a cement floor.

Gavyn Metcalf says:

Oh and im really looking forward to some cabinet stuff. Cant wait to see how you do it.

T wagner says:

Are your largest timbers wet? Nice.

Gavyn Metcalf says:

Yep. face palm Jim,face palm. Very nice joint. Looked like a nice tight fit. Should serve you well for many years. Hopefully the kids will be planing boards on that thing years from now.

John Collado says:

Evening Jim… I know you say that it is an easy joint. But I have to add to that and say, it's an easy joint for those that have the patience. I've built cabinets and stuff, but never with the precision that you have. In my book, you are a Master woodworker. But I am learning thanks to your channel.

James Standridge says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Paul Griffiths says:

Learned something new tonight!!..thank you my friend!

ToolsConsumables says:

Well Jim, that is one very good looking & stout joint. The dark walnut contrasts very well with the light yellow of the pine. Will be oiling the woodwork once completed??? Well done my old fruit. Kind regards.

Alex Wilson says:

Very nice work I do like the fact it comes apart easily if needed have a great weekend 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

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