Chisel Cupboard – Case Joinery W/Store Made Dowel Jig – Pt 2 – Woodworking How To

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****This was initially posted on as half a Guild mission. This can be a lengthy format step-by-step tutorial video!****

Partially two of the construct sequence, I am going by way of the steps of constructing a customized dowel jig to connect the underside, shelf and prime. Then I exploit the jig to make the joints and dry assemble the case.

A SketchUp file for this mission might be downloaded right here:

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Robert Camacho says:

Always on the money with your instructions. Very clear set of videos and easy to follow. Thanks

Dark Horse Woodworking says:

Great video and very nice work my woodworking bro!!

AlabamaWoodworker says:

A wealth of knowledge and information, as always.

TheWoodWerker says:

Excellent Video Guy! I REALLY appreciate how detailed you are when explaining the process! Looking forward to seeing the next one! Have A Super Week!…..Gus

Wood Crafted says:

Looking good Guy! Nice jig.

Chatoyance Woodworks says:

Great series Guy. I always love your build videos, although your tool review videos are very informative (more than most) also. I noticed here that you cut your pieces utilizing the ends of your boards. I'm using the exact same thickness planer (Dewalt 735) as you, and I get approx 3.5" of snipe at either or both ends of my boards. This means, I either have to account for it in board length (leaving enough length to cut it off), or leave a few thousands of extra thickness and plane or sand it out. You didn't even mention any snipe.
Did you just ignore it or are you able to plane your boards snipe free? What gives?

Gerald Jensen says:

More great info … thanks! You don't have a bench?

MRrwmac says:

If anybody had any question about the details needed to use dowels and get them lined up to go together well (like yours did), this would be the video to watch and learn from! Hopefully they pick up on the jig being a very helpful part!

Dale Williamson says:

Great details Guy!! Thanks for sharing.

SimpleCove says:

That doweling jig is sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Cheesegrater says:

I can never get dowels to behave! … I think my issue is that my material is always slightly off square 🙁

Gunslinger Woodworks says:

This is why I have the dowelmax – amazing product! Great video series, Guy!

Steve Collins says:

Nice tight fit and well explained, Guy. I have an old 70's model Craftsman dowel jig that uses the dowel centers and have always had trouble with accuracy too. The next one I get will be the dowelmax Jr.

Christopher ABELA MEDICI says:

HI from Malta, thanks for another interesting video and also for the free skectup plans.

David Clements says:

Morning Guy,
Greetings from the UK. as always meticulous work, have enjoyed all your projects. Just a suggestion, why don't you make a decent workbench, be a great project.
Best Wishes

Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY says:

i like the idea that u kept it pretty simple and used a home made jig. also love the precision and accuracy in all ur work. case looks great GUY! look fwd to seeing it fully finished.
and i threw my centering dowel jig out cuz it would ALWAYS move off center a bit and the dowels wouldnt end up lining up!#%&*..

KSFWG says:

Looks like a good beginning, Guy!

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