Do not Spend Your Cash on a Joiner Machine

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On this video I display how I take advantage of unfastened tenons and floating tenon joinery to make quick, stable, enticing joints for doorways, face frames and different furnishings. I don’t use a joiner machine of any type, simply my router, my low cost router desk and a three/eight ” rabbeting bit with a 1/2-Inch Shank. The tenons are tremendous simple to make with a good bandsaw and a stationary belt sander.

I titled this video to save lots of the heartache for the fellows and gals who truly spent the cash on joiner machines that frankly, don’t provide the flexibility and flexibility of doing this manner. I definitely didn’t invent this sort of joinery and if you happen to learn older woodworking books, folks have been utilizing comparable methods for generations. It doesn’t require any extra of your time than utilizing a joiner machine.

Additionally, no fussing with dowel jigs or any jigs for that matter!

NOTE: For dimension, it’s best to make use of a rabbet bit that’s 1/three of the thickness of your piece. You should utilize a three/eight” bit on a three/four” piece of wooden however that’s about so far as you’d need to push it.

Take a look at my video on the adjustable Field Joint Jig:

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Steve Borch says:

Great video Eric. I am now a subscriber!!

Joe Yaklic says:

Fantastic, thank you for saving me money and floorspace on another power tool I now realize I don’t need!

Terry Wong says:

Neat, Simple, so much for biscuits and dominos pizza. Excellent work Eric.

Steve Cortes says:

You just saved me $1,000 bucks. Thank you.

Ordinary Guy says:

Great video, Eric. Everybody can't afford expensive machines to do woodwork. This is great because you demonstrate a simple way to make frame and panel doors with tools that a lot of us can afford. I'm always looking for better ways to do my work, and this is an excellent method. Thanks a lot for posting this!

Woodworker Anonymous says:

to be honest, its an excellent solution, but no way thats faster than pocket holes. gotta wait for glue to dry. gotta set up the router, etc, etc…

Matt W says:

There are biscuit joiners that aren't all that expensive…although they're not the highest quality brand, I have a Ryobi one that's pretty good and I'm not even sure it was $100 when I got it for Christmas years ago. Plus, it's not much more than that now. At least one DeWalt one is around $170, which is what I'd consider borderline expensive for a tool like this. Anything around $150 or less, though, is pretty reasonable. I do agree, though, about the tool you didn't say the name of but implied, provided you were thinking of the Festool Domino. That thing is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced, especially considering it's basically a one-trick horse.

Mark Gethers says:

were you using 3/4 in material?

David Boulton says:

Brilliant,! 👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧 I must subscribe,😀😀

toneroable says:

Very nice,,,& simple….Thnks a lot………….Andres (NY)

robert van der jeugd says:

Thanks for your advice, best regards from Belgium !

Allan H says:

Hi Eric,
Great job on the bi-fold doors. Thanks for showing us "Learners" your jointing methods. I agree with everything you said about your method. Are dowels and doweling joints out of favour or just old fashioned these days?

Mark Harris says:

Your channel is brilliant for the uninformed newbie like myself, you keep everything simple but with great results.

Vacer Fpv says:

So I now need a router table.
Great idea to this super newby.
Gonna sub you…………….now!

Pieter I. du Plessis says:

Well done. a pleasure to watch.

Tariq Malik says:

Excellent and easy way of performing woodorking.

rob baron says:

Smart. Well done.

tactus tenebris says:

Have you tried a cope and stick router bit set? You can make proper doors with or without a raised panel.

Willy Will says:

I always admire people’s desires to share their knowledge, I thank you Sir for your kindness, great video

Linda Smith says:

I love the education that u share. I wanted to take woodworking in highschool but the class was full. But thank God there's people like u posting to utube.

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