Glazed Joinery – Trial & error

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I work my method by way of some glazed joinery points ,


Juliet Phillips says:

Wow, Joey! Pretty complicated stuff… you make it sound difficult but simple at the same time because of the way you so easily work your way around the issues. Those are some very expensive router bits. Whatever happened to 'made in China'? You are a boss, Joey.

david carroll says:

I'm genuinely interested if you can get to the level that cmt/whoever will produce a batch. It's something I've been planning for a while now as the standard profiles are dated looking and not what my clients are after. I have a similar set up to yours – I use the larger domino and it works well for me in the way you have suggested. I had recently spoken to titman in the uk about a similar product but did not follow it through to production due to high cost. let me know if you need any other details – good video

Elwyn Harris says:

I'm about to make a load of windows and doors and frames for myself and I'm leaning towards a Lapp joint laminated construction, I think it will be very strong. I have a spindle moulder but the tooling is mad money.

Brian Bain says:

Always interesting to see you work through a project. I have the same/similar dowel jig, they aren't great new, and get worse as they wear. Since you aren't shy about spending money, maybe look at the metric version of the dowelmax dowel jig. The inventor is a bit of a nutcase, determined to prove to everyone that his jig is better than everything else in the world… But, it is a solid dowel jig.

A fisher says:

Dowelmax is pretty accurate, and really well made. I usually use Dominos or conventional joinery, but when needed I can certainly have confidence in Dowelmax. Not sure if Canadian or American. I have a metric version.

thealec98 says:

If you're interested, I found this book very helpful for making heritage windows . It took me a while to decipher the old time-y English but it was very helpful especially for layout

Gary Walshe says:

watch all your vids with much interest and i hope you dont take offence to this buti do think taking a punt on a spindle molder would benefit your shop keep up the good work

Hatchmadeit says:

I really enjoyed watching the problem solving that happened.

Rob Bristow says:

Joey – An outstanding video on workshop problem solving and how to confirm the benefit of the bigger Domino. Thanks for all the shared details.

my520graj says:

"81.5mm" that is ocd precision.

Günter Schöne says:

Nice video.
The door looks great.

I believe you, it's not easy to build a door and / or window yourself. I once worked in a glazier's shop for windows, doors, facades and conservatories.

JB Marker says:

You are quite a resourceful man. Nice job Joey!

James Ervin says:

You potentially drilled out the hardened area of the dowel jig guides and exposed soft metal. However, your end solution is better. Great work.

Jb B says:

Great video Joey.  Never realized the work that went into building an entry door system like this.  Your craftsmanship is amazing.  With regard to the doweling jig you used, I believe (based on the portion of the box I could see) that I may have the same one.  Late last year I built a Sapele (top) farm house table using this jig (Washington State, USA).  Man what a headache.  A tremendous amount of planning and sanding went into making the top flat.  I have since done a little research and found the "Dowelmax" ($225.00 US) to be one of the better ones.  As you can see, you pay for it.  Always look forward to watching and learning from your videos.  Thank you for posting this and all of your videos!

Jon Ramsey says:

22:07 …And out comes "The Hammer"!!!

Fariko Mike says:

Its hard to tell from the video but you have to make sure your packer under the double glazed unit bears the weight of both panes of glass. On larger units the two panes can slide by each other due to the flexible black sealant (we call it hot melt). learned that lesson the hard way  😀

woodaddict1 says:

I would buy a bit set

woodaddict1 says:

Thanks for all that great info. Inspiring!

Joseph Haddakin says:


Dave says:

Thanks Joey your insights are very helpful. I'm going to replace all the doors and some windows in my home. Trying to decide making myself or just buy them done. For some reason It's not easy finding joinery door builds (pro's/con's) online. Thanks again!

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