Hand Tool Joinery: Corner Slip Joint

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Learn the steps to lay out and make a slip joint using hand tools. This is one of the nine joints Ron Herman teaches in http://bit.ly/JoineryChallenge. For everything woodworking visit www.popwood.com


Steve Robinson says:

Was not impressed with this

Artem JCeD says:

He had problems on each step… It's better to name this video "see how not to do". (Facepalm)

James Lucas says:

I’m confused. First the mortise is too short, next the tenon is not long enough. Can a master please ‘splain that to me? 2+2=not enough. Plus what just happened to the overall length of the board? Do you now shorten both sides? I’m not sure I can figure this one out. I’m thinning “cut it twice and it’s still too short”.

WB Fine Woodworking says:

A very good demonstration on sneaking up on a tight fitting joint.

Ryan Cheney says:

In case anyone is confused, pretty much everywhere else I've ever seen this joint described in a decade of devouring books, DVD's, magazines, internet blogs, YouTube channels, etc., it was referred to as a "bridle joint." Strange they wouldn't use what is by far the most common name for it, but maybe that's mentioned elsewhere in the video. By the way- If you're wanting to learn how to sharpen hand saws, Ron Herman's video on that is really, really good. Highly recommended.

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