How To Precisely Drill Angled Holes For Joinery // Woodworking How To // Angled Joinery

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Paulina Paulino says:

Great little jig, Tamara, er… Tammy, er…. Taymar, er…. TAMAR!

Jack Alltrade says:

This is a good little jig though limited for the specific angle for which it is cut. Having made dowelling jigs in the past I know that the holes will soon become enlarged losing the accuracy of the jig and therefore its utility. It is however possible to purchase turned and hardened steel drill guides for one's own custom dowelling jigs and drilling the holes oversize in the jig to take these will ensure consistent accuracy through the production run if one is making a number of these joints.
I really like the saw sled and the hold down clamps that keep one's fingers at a safe distance from the blade.

thomas newton says:

Look up drill bushings to make a more permanent fixture.

I might have used bridle joints but that's because I don't like dowel joints. There is no wrong way, sometimes it's appearance, sometimes it's quick and dirty, sometimes it's a little of both.

alex tworkowski says:

That looks like excellent wood. Had you mentioned what that was? I was thinking of using some firewood. Very cheap source of hardwood.

Jono Rezzillo says:

Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vince Presto says:

Thx’s Again

Horacio D says:

Excelente. Saludos desde uruguay

steenfraosterbro says:

Now it hit me. You look a lot like Annie Parisse. And that's not a bad thing by the way.

Steven Vishoot says:

Tamar I love this little jig. Also you know what my other comment is going to be so I wont say it…lol

Marina Ferreira says:


Mehdi Ezzakuori says:


Wikus Clickus says:

found this by accident…awesome idea. Good to see a rare sight…a woman using power tools without her being nervous…sooo comfortable with the equipment, especially the table saw which is one of the scariest tools I think in a woodworking shop. Let me go check out the rest of the channel now. Cheers!!!

Pancho Brown says:

Man I love your videos. You give a weekend woodworker inspiration. Keep up the great work. I never miss a video.

Lee Fuller says:

One way Tamar is have bushings with the same outer diameter O.D. To fit the jig hole, and the inside diameter I.D. Vary. Look at MSC website, or McMaster Carr. Grainier and Fastenal maybe other sources. Or make these yourself ….

Grnhrnww Gp says:

That’s ingenious Tamar

zachary eaton says:

Really smart little jig. And, by God, I need to build something from white oak.

Bob Clifton says:

Right clever.

Deanne Maria says:

Hi Tamar, I love making jigs and I add copper tubing to my wooden dowel jigs to maximise their use.

Love your channel; great tips.

Macks Power says:

So many good videos like this still have 1% thumbs down and there is not really a reason for it I can see.
Maybe youtube should make it a requirement to leave a comment to say why the video was voted down?

Trial and Error Makers says:

Love this video. I knew this technique but never tried it. But now I'm confident in doing it. Thank you.

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