How to Make a TV Remote Box with Hidden Dowel Joinery

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I show how I made these unique boxes using hidden dowel joinery. These boxes are the perfect size for storing all your TV remotes. They don’t take much time to make and can be sold at craft fairs and online at places like Etsy.
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Details, photos and plans for this woodworking project:

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Elmer’s Spray Adhesive:
Dowel Centers:
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Random Orbit Sander:





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Jack Bucchare says:

Love the box where do I send the cash ??????.

Jack Bucchare says:

Like to get plans where do I send the cash ??????

Jesse Foust says:

for hinges I suggest chisel out a notch for it then use some tacky glue and glue the lid to the hinges closed, then open and put your screws. perfect everytime

mike osier says:

What software do you use for templates

Michael Hall says:

Nice project brother. I recently saw something called jig it from Rockler that might come in handy for hinges

nick longstaffe says:

Why didn't u just use a dowel for a hinge?

Gio Penguin says:

For some reason this makes me think "Nuketown".

kaos havoc says:

Could you have used slightly undersized dowels in holes and put the lid on as you glued it up to provide a hidden wooden hinge? Or would that fail too easy? Thinking about trying to make one of these for a friend.

DBFilms86 says:

I like piano hinges for their ability to close up tight and they have a pretty clean look to them. I used them on my work benches I built that fold up flush against my wall to save space.

Victor Baeza says:

why does your bandsaw have an "i like to make stuff" sticker?

China North Airguns says:

Jimmy Diresta has good hinge layout ideas.

Terry Cairns says:

Very clean design.  Nicely done.

TherealCCChasarrived says:

fine craftsmanship however you use at least 5 thousand dollars worth of tools to make it. I could do this with a skill saw, some screws, a drill, 2 hinges and some wood.

Jonathan Vest says:

why did you not just use dowel pin hinges, it would have went with the theme much better.

Robert Jacquin says:

could use dowel pins just glue them to the lid side and add wax to the holes before gluing up. Good project

danteelite says:

Would it have been possible to say, hot-glue all the pieces, then cut and shape them before separating them again? The sides made on bandsaw and drum sander I mean… That way you make 4 pieces in one go. I'm just curious if this could be done to save time and effort

NW says:

Nice job!
Clean camerawork, great lighting, clear communication.
I know this video is a year old but it just earned you another sub. 🙂
Keep it up. 🙂

Acho Ndukwe says:

Great work and creativity

Zachary Knarr says:

to aid in hinge placement, just use a tiny dab of super glue to hold the hinge in place so you can drill the hole to install. most accurate/easy way ive found

GraemeT99 says:

One of my favorite projects on your channel. Love the design

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