Improve Your Joinery Hand Sawing

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Joints that fit right off the saw are not only faster to create but a heck of a lot more accurate with fewer gaps. The minute we start mucking about with a chisel to pare a joint to fit is when gaps open up and the entire process slows down. This live broadcast dissects the sawing stroke into multiple parts to improve your accuracy and create better fitting joinery, faster.


Karsten Boye Nielsen says:

I am not new to this, but I really learn a lot. Thanks.

Karsten Boye Nielsen says:

Thanks for very good videos.

Ellwood&Sons says:

Wheat from the chat!!!! LMAO!

hernanc says:

What is that square @41:56? Great video, thank you!

Joe Leonetti says:

Thank you for this video. I am lucky in that Kevin Drake shows up at the Lie Nielsen tool events. Learning to not over tighten my hand helped. Also, Kevin spending time just making cuts and practicing has really helped. There are times when I don't have much time and I want to do something. One can practice a lot of cuts on one board in 15 minutes.

Eric Nadeau says:

Thanks for covering these basics, you're spot on when saying not everyone knows stuff like this. Now I do!

Rick Gatewood says:

Thanks! I need all the help I can get with sawing.

Shane MacMillan says:

I'm going thru all your older videos but no luck finding the one where you took the joinery bench apart. I'm curious how the top is assembled to allow remove for the moxon vise installation.

Dave Arginteanu says:

Hi Shannon, when I asked about the frame saw hang, I was talking about the Isaac Smith kit. My other question about frame saws (and saws with no/crappy horns) how does one get weight off of the toe, like you've talked about before , on the initial cut?

hernanc says:

Yes! Keep doing this videos Shannon, I love them! Thank you very much.

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