Joint Venture Ep. 4: Through dovetailed bridle joint (Western Joinery)

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In this series I explore different wood joinery techniques. This is not a ‘how to’ video. Just sit back and join me on my venture to find beautiful joinery! More Projects on:

Wood: Hard Maple

Music: bensound – the Lounge (


Randy Robison says:

What is that plane that levels things below it's own surface called?

Actually would be pretty neat to see a list of the tools used and just totally Bob Ross this lol ^.^

richnfamous says:

nicely done

LimitedGunnerGM says:

I must have missed something, I was curious how you maintained the 14-degree inside angle.

Cesar Caoili says:

what kind of wood are you using to cut, i cannot cut that kind of an angle on a doug fir, they get chips easily, mostly i use sander or dremel,. planer not a good idea either

P W says:

What chisels do you recommend?

Rhidian williams says:

What tool is it with the dark wood semi circle handle that he used in between chiseling

Kevin Wright says:

What species of wood are you using?

garry wiersum says:

Terrific video and really nice work but holy shit man the music is TORTURE

محمد الكردى says:

thank you profe.
very . very. very good my friend .
أحيك على طريقتك فى العمل حقيقى فنان عظيم .تحيه لك من القاهره

Agust Lofianto says:

where you buy your saw? 🙂

tattoo frank1 says:

hermano lo felicito por su trabajo y de verdad que lo admiro

andy pugh says:

How long did it take you to get used to pull-saws? I have tried them a couple of times only, and it just feels wrong

ChArLiE BeAtZ says:

Hold up, this guy isn't even Japanese????

Cody Moncrief says:

someone could totally make a compilation of just you chiseling and i could watch all day. Its so relaxing

Luke Hill says:

i don't even care about the finished product anymore, i just find it satisfying to see you work…

Thomas Russell says:

This would be a great joint for the center rail/stile on a door or cabinet.

Thomas Russell says:

Just wondering your age range, I mean you are clearly younger than the workbench, or at least your hands appear considerably younger than the bench. You got skills, no doubt. Was the bench your dad's, grandfathers, great-grandfather's? Oh, and why don't you use the leg vise and dog system? You definitely get by without them, I was just wondering.

Tyler Sinclair says:

How many chisels do you have!?

ernesto sotelo says:

Ok thanks for sharing your videos

ernesto sotelo says:

Hello what kind of wood do you use

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