Be taught Primary Woodworking Joinery: Bookshelf Construct

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I constructed one other tusk bookshelf in preparation to show primary woodworking joinery on the Port Townsend Faculty of Woodworking a couple of months in the past. Watch how I constructed this lovely, sturdy bookshelf utilizing pretty simple joinery methods and a restricted hand device heavy toolkit. My favourite joint proper now could be the keyed or “tusk” tenon, and it is making an look in lots of my furnishings as of late.

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Danny Barnhill says:

Another great video, just wanted to say thanks for running a superb channel. Very few people respond to everyone's comments!! You deserve what you're making and more. Peace.

skittles6699 says:

Going out teaching the next generation. I Thank you, I myself am not able to figure out the figure geometry of a landscape garden windmill. Ask some some students and Let me know. The Bookshelf is a Great place to learn and Hands On is a Much better place to learn. and Say Hello to Mullie and Goatie

Lee Barnhart says:


Raccoon Residence says:

That tusk shelf is long in tooth and off the wall. Well done.

Terri Stroh says:

I gotta make this now since it’s Howdy approved. 😉

Hey I'm a Maker says:

Great video as usual 🙂

Hatchet Lake says:

Dang it, you're awesome

kevmoho says:

looking to build a bookcase for my kids and I came across this great video! Thanks for posting this! Glad I found your channel

Brian Prusa says:

49,531! Standing on wood can be sketchy. This is a lovely piece, that green looks great!

Making And Fixing says:

There is something beautiful and joyful about working with wood. And we can see that on your face. You're an amazing wood worker and an inspiration to a small sized woman like me. Very nice build.

Marty Connors says:

That Smile at the end WoW… you really enjoy what you are doing, and sharing it with others… Thank you.

Todd Fipps says:

I am a big fan of keyed joints, and this is a great example of their use. Thank you for the nice video. I will be going and watching your previous bookshelf build video.

dkbuilds says:

Cool video, I really like the protruding tenons with the wedge. Nice!

YaakovKatz says:

metal and lumber joins are faster

Guy Jones says:

I noticed during the video that it appears that you are using a Dutch style tool chest. I am currently building one to house all of my Dutch Great Grandfather's hand tools. Do you have a video about yours? Great job on the bookcases too!

Paul John's Life says:

Though I want to make a full size shelf, I love this style.

2300Kenzie says:

I can't say that I learned anything but still enjoyed watching a skilled woodworker in action. If you drilled a hole the width of your bandsaw blade between the tenons, you could turn the board 90° to make the cross grain cut which will save some time overall. I also usually place a scrap under the board when drilling to reduce chip-outs. Both are noncritical suggestions in this case considering your excellent results.

Mike Griffin says:

Thanks for giving us these great projects that can be built at lower cost by those of us with "hobbyist" skill levels.

Shane Chick says:

Hey Anne, what is the music? It almost sounds like bluegrass Zepplin.

Crafted Workshop says:

I built a similar bookshelf at the John C. Campbell school here in NC, lots of work for such a simple design. Now it lives in the nursery holding all of little Johnny’s books!

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