Making a Wooden Joiner’s Mallet, How To | Woodworking

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Want to know how to make a wooden mallet? Today’s your lucky day. I love cool tools. So in today’s woodworking video, we’re going to make a wooden mallet, otherwise known as a joiners mallet. Likes, comments and subscribing are always welcomed.

Why did I make this homemade tool? Well, here’s the deal. What woodworker type has ever said they don’t need a new tool? Noone. And on top of that, what types of tools are better than homemade tools? None.

So that’s why I decided to make a homemade wooden joiner’s mallet. Which essentially is a basic mallet designed that belongs in any woodworking shop. It’s used to knock joinery together, release holdfasts, whatever needs a little persuasion this woodworking project and joiners mallet is perfect for.

Thanks for watching.


tylerplaysthedrums says:

Killer vid!

Hotrod Hog says:

Ok, I liked the video. Now if you want to give that away, I will take it off your hands for ya. I could post an unboxing video too!

Brent A says:

I got really nervous at 0:20, where’s the push stick?!

Adam Gabbert says:

Thanks for checking out the wooden joinder's mallet. Don't forget to like, comment & subscribe. Suckas.

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