Masking Tape Joinery

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Grasp Craftsman Frank Klaus reveals learn how to use masking tape for clamping good mitered joints (and no, it does not must be blue!).


Bill Wheaton says:

I do something similar. But on the inside, I place tape adjacent to each joint before adding the glue. That way the squeeze-out goes onto the tape. This is important, because I typically have a top and bottom too. Later, when I cut the box open, it is so easy to remove the extra glue by removing the tape. I also find that the blue painter's tape is springier than the white masking tape when tensioned like you did.

Dave Simpson says:

This is the first time anyone has shown how to adjust a piece that is not square. Normally, they check for square and find that it is already square. Thank you

881DAD says:

I want to be your student

sween187 says:

a good trick for end grain gluing is to smear on a small amount of glue, let it absorb in for ~10min, then add your normal amount this will stop excess glue absorbing into end grain.

KSFWG says:

Of course it has to be blue! Otherwise, you're not keeping in line with all the "popular kids" on YouTube… 😉 (just kidding)

Tom Trees says:

Great to see you still making videos Mr Klausz

Dan The Chippie says:

Nice job. I particularly liked your try square. Where did you get it? Cheers Dan

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