Precision Joinery for Skilled Outcomes

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Exact cuts on mitered items are key to getting skilled mission outcomes. Watch how I reduce items for field newel parts with precision and consistency after which use band clamps for glue-up of an in any other case tough meeting. This is similar course of used for chopping sharp miters on items for the field newel publish glue-up seen on this video:

This video wraps up with a ‘stress check’ of the ensuing joinery that exhibits joints reduce and glued with this course of are stronger that the wooden itself!

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Charles Alberson says:

I have learned and continue to learn techniques that I can't get from other YouTube channels. Thank you for taking the time to make these and show us the tricks that make accuracy possible. I wish I had watched this before making the Valet Boxes that I just finished. I think it would have been very very beneficial. I will use this on the next box joinery.

Matthew Kelly says:

Great work, great content.

paul angeli says:

You are an artist!
I'm in awe of your accuracy and attention to every detail.
Your sense of humor is great too!
Thanks for sharing.

Van Sage says:

I was wondering how you were going to hold that piece in the joiner. How would you handle a narrower piece on the joiner fence? I have recently inherited a joiner from my grandfathers collection of tools and do not want to lose a finger tip like he did on that machine.

J D says:

There may be bigger channels because they have shorter content but the depth of discussion and nuance you add to your instruction is the exact reason I tune in. Please keep up the great work.

David Almeroth says:

Incredible demo, Matt.
Many thanks indeed.

Peace and blessings of Lord Jesus upon you and yours. Amen.

alex droban says:

Thank you for your detailed descriptions! 👍🏻

Paul Tidswell says:

Excellent content and well presented Matt, keep going you’re way ahead of the game.

Allen W says:

13 negative votes? Really? Jealous of your skills no doubt. So many people with skills are unwilling to share. You are a natural teacher. Ignore the neigh-sayers.

Martin Poulsen says:

Exactly right on that finishing comment Matt! When you see some infomercial on a piece of equipment, they dial in on the first punch – nobody will let you see the time-consuming fiddling involved in getting things spot on, because they all think it takes away from their equipment, when the fact of the matter is that you both need eyesight and tactile feel to reach the level of accuracy required. I will add though, that even if a glued miterjoint is stronger than the wood, as you shoved, the biscuits, dowels or splines still increase strength, as the gluesurface is increased beyond the surface of the joined parts, not that it is necessarily strength required for the given task. Another very informative video. Thank you!

Kevin Colson says:

Matt you have really enlightened me to so many things regarding woodworking! I am a retired telecommunications technician just recently starting the joy of woodworking and I can use all the help I can get. I am using a circa 1940's 10 inch tilting table saw/6 inch jointer combo I restored which has it's drawbacks using the table saw but I will have to make do for now. You amaze me how you make it look easy but your detailed explanations and video work give me a real insight on how to make accurate cuts and joinery. Thanks again for these instructional videos. Cheers!

rob baron says:

Tis is what i want. Thank you!

William Landes says:

Another great video with tips I look forward to trying. Your videos are my new YouTube favorites!

Bill Landes

Sheldon Harvey says:

I don't have access to a joiner. Do you–or anyone else have any ideas on how to achieve the result using a joiner plane?

dri50 says:

I see you have the same saw I do, the older Unisaw with that "dumb" fence. I say "dumb" because it's so time consuming to move it to the other side of the blade. I have been thinking of a building some kind of a 'U' shaped box to replace the aluminum extruded fence. But that would throw off the rule tape along the front edge. Using the jointer as you do would make me uncomfortable on mine. However, I see you don't use push blocks but rather grippie gloves. I may try this. Thanks for the video. Don

Rayson Racette says:

Your videos are totally inspiring. I watch them all from start to finish and sometimes over again in case I missed a few tips and tricks. You're a real Master. Thank you very much for putting in the time not just to do the video but to edit and make them so worth watching.

Megadoculous says:

Another quality video. Thanks Matt, much appreciated.

Frank Henson says:

Matt, clear as a bell. I learned some things. Keep up the great work.

iAmYou says:

Amazing video!!

CybranM says:

Great video

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