Sketchup: Mortise and tenon joinery

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Showing how exactly to draw the internal mortise and tenon joinery for a table


Klaus Skrudland says:

How did the tenons appear on every apron?

Techmatt167 says:

How did you make the tenons appear on each side of the 4 aprons? Does it do it automatically?

garrettation says:

Very Helpful videos Matthias, thank you.

In case anyone else needs this, if you right click an object you can select "make unique". This means that any changes made to this items, or items previously copied from it, will not affect the object as it is now unique. I had to use this tool as I had supports lower down but with the front side empty so couldn't have random mortise on the legs.

Nikos Ziogas says:

Hi! Can anyone help. I just started using sketchup and when I input a dimension for a rectangle (let's say 600,400) I get a rectangle of 600,4mm and 451mm or so… What am I doing wrong ?

givreycham says:

Hi Matthias
Another great and helpful video……just one question. Why do you use centimetres in preference to millimetres ? Seems another point to get in the wrong place ? Geoff

Barry Wind says:

Help, I downloaded Sketchup and trying to set it up the way you have yours with this video and can't find the same items under windows etc. How do I set this up for the first use?

Pekka Grönfors says:

Very good. All Your SketchUp videos.

Adhi Khusna Ismail says:

thank you very much, very very very helpful

Tim Nafziger says:

Thank you for this! I love how you are walking through each piece–very well done!

Yonatan Myers says:

Nice video, nice and simple.
One thing though. you could have used ""intersect solids" to get the joinery. (it could have another name I'm not sure maybe "intersect with model")

Dkorei Decorações says:

Not Legend =(

zahid mehdi says:

nice work great

Bill Macfarlane says:

Hey Matthias, thanks for making these available. I've watched them before, but don't use SketchUp on a regular basis, so I forget a lot. It's nice to come back, view it again and refresh those skills and memories.

Dimieuh says:

Wow, great video Matthias! Very useful, keep up the good work! 🙂

leictreonaic says:

Thank you Matthias. I try to complete tutorials and eventually get stumped and tired of trying to follow along. You walk through everything straight as an arrow and exactly how it's intended to be with no extra garbage. I'm attempting to build your dust collector and the box joint jig. Just bought the plans and now collecting parts.

Jose Cruz says:

That "Flip" command it's awesome and very useful. Love it.

Jose Cruz says:

I've watched some very good and useful tutorials for Sketchup and so far yours are the best in my opinion since you get to the point and at the same explain everything very clearly. Thanks.

RJJFavorites says:

Great video. Thanks.
Once completed in SketchUp is it possible to produce a parts list or cutting list of some sort (with dimensions).

Kirk Youngbauer says:

I'd have to assume the purpose to get so detailed on the furniture would be for someone who is going to build it, correct? I've been designing some house sketches and have only been creating the objects that can be seen from the surface.

1crazynordlander says:

Hi Matthias
Now that I have made over 20 models of my projects back before your tutorials were published can I go and make objects out of all the parts? I made every line separate except for when I could use the push pull tool. If I only have watched this video before all my creations it would have save me a bunch of time.
Thanks for the video!

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