Easy planing and dowel joinery – Day TWO summer season woodworking sequence

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Right now I clean out the panels for the TV unit with my Luban handplane and drill in some dowel holes.

Thanks for watching.

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Gary Brooks says:

I liked the video shot from the plane, it was pretty cool. And keep up the great work and videos

One Man Band Woodworks says:

Nah mate you’re panels can’t be cupped because the Samurai said wood doesn’t move if it’s kiln dried

Jodie Palmer says:

Only a Master of his craft can fix a problem that he created while amateurs would just leave the the problem there without realizing that it may cause more problems later done the road.

Eye Toldyoosso says:

Cool man..;-p

Thom spillane says:

Looking sweet Kuffy, Awesome designs for both pieces. Always enjoy your videos. Have a Merry Christmas brother.

Steve Collins says:

Picked up some great tips on that doweling method, thanks Kuffy.

whitedoggarage says:

Love the video, especially plane cam 🙂 can't wait for the next one, thanks.

Peter Compton says:

Appreciate the awkward planning to avoid blocking the camera. Meant to say on yesterdays.. the sound id great

pgh pete says:

No matter the project I always pick up some great tips from your videos. Thank you very much!

Marisa Aguilera says:

Need to get yourself a Dowelmax mate!
So simple and super/super accurate.
built a bunch of gift boxes for the family and the corners and edges are perfect.
No more farting around for me.

Graham Parsons says:

This project is gonna look fantastic, the timber is planing up superb, can't wait for the rest a great xmas present for us viewers 👍👍👍

Adrian Hanson says:

Hey mate, I always learn something watching your videos. I’ve gotta get me one of those template bits with the bearing tip and bottom. 👍👍

KingPost TimberWorks says:

Nice. Just doing some planning on some dowel joinery myself

Kostas Annikas Deftereos says:

Very detailed and great design !!! I love the way that your hand plane cuts !!!

Built By Chris says:

Love watching how you work your way through a project. Learning heaps from you, mate. Quick question, why do you hate Bessey clamps? Keep the vids coming, mate.

A A says:

That story (create a problem…) sounds awfully familiar! LOL I think we might be related!! LOL JK thx for the video! C yazz manana

Rob Trautvetter - Takami Woodshop says:

Nice! Got 99 problems ? What kind of wood is that TV thing again?

Robin Lewis says:

That bed head looks insane! Cabinet's looking good

J Varan says:

glad to see you had your ear protection on while planing…. making a heck of a racket!
great stuff !!

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