SUPER SAMURAI JOINERY JIG! Mortise And Tenon Joint Demo

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I couldn’t be happier with myself for coming up with this jig to make my life and the lives of fellow woodworkers that much better! Some days I question my awesomeness but not today…not today.

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Jeremiah Babcock says:

Genius! If I buy you a house will you move to Texas and be my neighbor?

Adam Witt says:

Working smarter, not harder. Awesome!

Benjamin Dartout says:

Hello you all, anybody knows the name of song at 7,30 I try to Shazam it but it’s not the same result ? Please…

paradigmshift7758 says:

Combine this with a paulk workbench and you've achieved the ultimate router solution. Modular, portable, tabletop or handheld depending on your mood. I'll be doing this tomorrow

Sergio Díaz Nila says:

yeah, its called Goliath CNC, it is on kickstarter.

AIM remodelling & aesthetics says:

(Thanks, by the way. He he he….)

mindsfun - says:

Been watching your videos for a long time and I love your content. I'm looking into upgrading my tools soon and was wondering what kind of plunge router you prefer and if you recommend any other type of router?

Ronald Edwards says:

Just wondering why not a hole saw after you found the center?

Allen W says:

Soooooo, nice!

Alexandre Leone says:

Very GOOD jig.

schlehrbear says:

This is how you drop it like it's hawt.

Some Tea says:

A Samurai is born out of an ancient Japanese way of life, it is a way of life, woodworking does not a Samurai make..not Samurai..woodworker.

antonio rodrigo zerbieli lopes says:

500 thousand subscribers did very well to you, this was the video that I liked the most, a direct hug from BRAZIL 🙂

Botz AllRightsReserved says:

Dude. A hole saw.

Ronald Edwards says:

Love the videos. Story not unlike your own. Pediatric registered nurse, love my job (which is lucky because i get to play with kids all day and it pays the bills) but carpentry and wood work is my passion. Watching your videos keeps me inspired. Thank you for what you do!

avalonbear61 Riley says:

I build beds for Historical events. and I am so building this. when you build 5 to 10 beds between Monday and Thursday. something to make the mortise and tenons faster is priceless.

Ben LePage says:

The holes in the plexi glass could be used as pivot points for making circles.

RC says:

Damn…Now I'm regretting buying that edge guide along with my new router the other day…

Joshua Clinger says:

I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but what kind of pouches are you wearing?

Jez Cartwright says:

Awesome jig Mr Samurai. Of to work tomorrowto do same!

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