Tackling CLASSIC Woodworking Joinery! – The Mortise And Tenon!

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Tackling CLASSIC Woodworking Joinery! – The Mortise And Tenon!

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Clive Astley says:

If you decide to make your own bandsaw, many would love to see your construction videos.

brendan moellmann says:

check out Matthias Wandel's homemade 20" bandsaw, that would be a good test of anyone's wood working skills.

Hashi Sayed says:

I notice some editing bits to make your style a bit more relaxed, and also it feels less serious. I dig it. 🙂

5lowethechamp says:

Thx, great show, I am a beginner and ur shows helps alot 😁

barry cannon says:

Your doing a great job, but please can we lose that annoying music ?

Anthony Tobias says:

A card scrapper would clean up those bandsaw marks lickity split. But like most things in woodwoorking, there are many different ways to achieve the same results.

edward lier says:

You should make your own band saw

John Peeler says:

In my opinion, that tenon is way too thick for the mortise. You should read up on some joinery techniques a bit. If I'm working in 3/4 stock and making that joint, my tenon would be 1/4, maybe a bit more.

Eddie Espinosa says:

Enough talking on with the show, alright already

marcio oliveira says:

Muito bom, parabéns pelo vídeo

Sanjay Patel says:

I hope that glue up doesn't make that frame out of square

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