The Totally different Sorts of Japanese Carpenters – Woodworking Completely Unbelievable

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The Totally different Sorts of Japanese Carpenters – Woodworking Completely Unbelievable by Their Craftsmanship – Unattainable Japanese Wooden Joints

Miyadaiku – 宮大工: Fujiwara Hiroki
Sukiya-daiku – 数奇屋大工
Sashimono-shi – 指し物師: Shimpei Kimura
Tateguya – 建具屋: Matsubayashi Keisuke

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Bastian Ziege says:

Amazing joints

Al Franzis says:

Carpentry without using even a single nail. How amusing. Japanese woodworkers are awesome

Al Franzis says:

Very unique

om Classic says:

Nice work bro ….

Max Bliss says:

They are the best chippies in the world….awesome. Just amazing skills and dedication, thank you for the pleasure to see these master craftsman at work.

りゅうとぅーTV says:


Devin du Plessis says:

Try use your own voice. It’s not great listening to a robot especially when the vid is about human hand craft 😉

Fred Midtgaard says:

Oldest in the world…. What about our 1000-year-old wooden churches in Scandinavia? It seems almost impossible to reconstruct their techniques.

john doe says:

8:50 when u stick it in but her eyes keep popping out.

HB VIDEO says:

I like that

Bruce Schneider says:

Beautiful hand craftsmanship, marred by a mechanical voiceover. Lose the computer voice.

Danni Inz says:

I work in Japan for 3 years my Company is Ichijo Koumuted.I missed it

Wei Han says:


karan kundal kumar says:

Omg is Japan is country of our world or some other
Totally different ways of thinking and working

zehao li says:

But it’s Chinese culture

A human dream A human dream says:


affan ozcaner says:

Büyük ustalar yanınızda çırak olmak isterdim

HansI Gurtner says:

Japaner sind Meister der Handwerkskunst. 日本人は職人技の達人です。Japanese are very good craftsmen.

frank says:

good but not even productive he marked 4 times when he can do good only with one mark 4:39 not always slow way are the right way 😀

smokeynewton says:

Why would anyone dislike this video?

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