What’s the Take care of Screw Pocket Joinery | Woodworkers Guild of America

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Screw pockets can be utilized to create a stable construction on plenty of woodworking tasks. When fastening screw pocket joinery, you’ll wish to listen to a couple key particulars, together with the kind and size of your screws and the tactic of clamping that you just use.


David lopata says:

I use pocket holes from time to time and I've never used an impact. I use a drill then hand tightened them. What is everyone using and what Torque/in-lb?
I've always been afraid of snapping a screw

Linrox says:

Hate pocket screws. The look ugly and are lazy.

Russell St.Clair says:

Pocket screws and for lazy people " Can't see it from my house"
As a Finisher I can say this being that I'm the guy who has to fix all this. Open joints, bulged joints from wrong screws and long . Dumbasses over glue over tighten and split rails and styles .
"Can't see it from my house"

bighands69 says:

Glue is fine on an end grain when using screws or another method of joinery so that it can act as a secondary or supplementary joint.

Using end grain glue as a primary joining method is madness.

Hope for all says:

It's like saying what's the deal with toenailing or toescrewing, the hold depending on what you're doing

Ricky Mcgrath says:

Mathias proved that glue has no bearing on pocket screw joint strength.

Get Me Out of Here says:

Could have used this before my last project—Kreg pocket joinery can be frustrating especially joints that go out of registration and screws that bust through the wood even after following Kreg’s own instructions. Will use the clamp next time.

Tjerk Heringa says:

Even IKEA uses better jointing materials

dkbuilds says:

Great video! I've tried with and without a clamp… and you're right, without a clamp is basically useless.

Natedoc808 says:

that keyhole clamp set up is tits

Jose Zuniga says:

Thank you for the tips…

Angel Santiago says:

I like your videos, but in this case you're talking about pocket joinery and thru out the whole video you never once show us how to properly drill a pocket hole.. why? Did i miss something in the way you titled this video ?

Todd Bushcrafter says:

may i ask you where i can obtain one of those vise grip type clamps with the key hole instead of two handled types?

Robeen Vishal says:

i wish i had these type of clamp

RM Hutchins says:

I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!

wicked650s says:

W h o a , w h o a, W h o a , s l o w d o w n . . .

Shrike says:

LOL pocket holes it not a wood working skill… Pffff
Ikea and what not use pocket holes.. a wood worker does not..

Alex Sweeny says:

I use pocket holes for face frames 100% of the time. It’s fast, totally secure, easy to adjust a bit if you make a measurement error and…for the face frame application you need to remember that the frames will be completely supported and secure once fastened to the cabinet case. Sold on KREG all the way. P.S. I am not affiliated with KREG.

gone fishin says:

Hmm, wtevr…..selling clamps?

toodle171 says:

I just chastised someone for saying glue is pointless in a butt joint. Great vid as always. BTW I have found pocket screws to be great for any indoor application and for other "tight spot" situations where I could not get anything to start holding. They lasted about two years on some outside sunroom doors. I redid them all with glue and now everything is good. Glue BTW not only holds things together but in a situation of constant stress like an outside door it dampens and spreads the constant shock of opening and slamming as derived from wind, raccoons and kids.

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